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  • Great plugin, extremely responsive support, rule-based spell checking is getting better and better.
  • Rreally great
  • Use this add-on if you care about your privacy.
  • I have used before and I will know soon how it is with firefox ?
  • This addon uses tracking cookies per uBlock Origin and other cookie blocking addons. Otherwise, the plugin seems excellent.
    We don't use more tracking than the usual website. And as you noticed, that gets blocked by tracking blockers anyway. We don't track the sites you're visiting, neither do we store your text. Plus you can run the LanguageTool server offline. Doing completely without tracking would mean we have no idea what issues users run into. Even add-ons with many users rarely get high-quality bug reports, so we have to rely on the anonymous tracking.
  • Wow, how is this free? I expect more improvements in the future keep up the good work!
  • Hermosa
  • Works great for English, but messes up my editor for unsupported languages. When I write Czech (unsupported) it is detected as Slovak and therefore almost everything is marked as wrong - very disturbing. It would be great if LT could detect Unsupported languages (and ignore them) or if I could turn on spellcheck only for some language (e.g. English, German) and turn off for Slovak, so that Czech language is not corrected. By the way, is there a public git repository for the new extension when one could report bugs / propose enhancements?
    Feel free to submit issues at https://github.com/languagetool-org/languagetool-browser-addon/issues (the old version), we still monitor that. About improved languages detection: we're aware of the issue and will try to find a solution.
  • Absolutely love this. Unlike Grammerly I can use it on your tube and EBay my only problem is where is the "British English" option? Sorted Thank you! One happy bunny now.
    Thanks for your review. You can find the "English (British)" in the options under "experimental settings" and then "Interpret English as".
  • Excelente herramienta
  • This addon is good but has some disadvantages burdens the operation of the browser and so websites, :-( while I would like such problems with this extension was not and I hope that over time it will change for the better by making another very large update : - )
    We have released version 2.0.25 which improves performance a lot - could you try with that?
  • The best grammar checker around!
  • Les meilleurs !!! J'ai tout de suite été conquis : c'est le coup de foudre. J'ai même acheté la version Plus !
  • Version 2.X verlangt für jede neue Webseite eine neue Bestätigung der Datenschutzrichtlinie, das ist unerträglich!
    Ich gehe wieder zurück auf die letzte Version 1.X ...
    Ansonsten ist es toll, daß auch Grammatik geprüft wird. Der Datenschutz ist natürlich bedenklich und die Beschreibung für die Offline-Nutzung zu nebulös für Laien.
    Die "Übersicht" wird nicht angezeigt.
    Und Bugs auf Github zu posten, ist ebenfalls nicht Laien-gerecht. Github ist ein Entwickler-Fachforum, dessen Funktion sich selbst mir nicht erschließt.

    Leider erfolgte auf die sofortige Mail nach zwei Wochen noch immer keine Antwort ...
    Wenn die Datenschutzrichtlinie immer wieder bestätigt werden soll, ist das natürlich ein Fehler. Ich kann das aber nicht nachvollziehen - können Sie uns bitte unter https://languagetool.org/legal/ direkt kontaktieren, damit wir das Problem klären können? Dass der Link "Übersicht" nicht geht, kann ich ebenfalls nicht nachvollziehen.

    [Update 2019-01-15] Ich kann keine E-Mail von Ihnen finden - da Sie hier anonym sind, kann ich auch schlecht danach suchen.
  • It is barely more useful than the default spell checker. What I wanted from this is an auto-detect for auto-switching languages. It hasn't implemented it. It also doesn't show the squiggly lines and is quite buggy.

    But above all, it uploads every keystroke to its corporate servers... So... uninstall immediately, how bloated and intrusive is that? No thank you, either take all the code to the client add-on or don't make a spelling add-on at all....
    The server component is more than 100MB large plus a few GB of data, I wonder how we should put that into the add-on? Also, if you're concerned about privacy, why don't you install the server locally? It's all documented under "Offline use".