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  • As my employer doesn't let us install apps on work PCs, this add-in was the ideal workaround to access my task list (as I'm a complete Applehead everywhere else). I love Todoist - the only todo app (and I've tried many) which properly integrates with almost everything I need it to, adds tasks painlessly and sync's completely smoothly, lets me turn emails on multiple accounts into tasks, doesn't irritate the heck out of me, shows timed reminders in my calendar, makes me feel good for staying organised, and just generally rocks. If it would only talk properly to Habitica, I'd be in heaven.
  • Simple and effective, as it should be.

    Shows a clickable icon with the day's todo count that opens the webapp in a little frame. That's really all it does and all it needs to do.

    The only improvements I can think of would be a keyboard shortcut to open and focus the window, and maybe some tweaks around the caching to reduce the render lag on startup. Admittedly performance in the ever-changing world of browser extensions is a non-trivial problem and they're already at an acceptable level, so not a huge deal.

    Overall a solid addition to the Todoist product.
  • I love the to do ist. It help me so much!