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  • Nice work, congratulations...
  • Авансом ставлю 5, но надеюсь что разработчик как можно скорее исправит проблемы.
    Скролл нормально работает на мышке с колёссиком, но на тачпаде лагает так, что пользоваться невозможно.
    При установке фокуса на поле ввода страница резко поднимается наверх скрывая выбор языка и прочие контролы. Это очень неудобно и раздражает. ПоОжалуйста, исправьте это! Тогда будет честная 5ка
  • Apenas lo instale y decidi explorar las configuraciones y opciones de el complemento, lo primero a lo que le di click fue a cambiar a modo clasico, y ademas de que se veia muy mal, estuve buscando y no parecia haber ninguna opcion para regresarlo a la normalidad, llegue hasta google plus en el mismo complemento, termine desactivando el complemento y lo volvi a activar pero no se resolvio el problema, incluso lo desinstale y lo volvi a instalar reiniciando el navegador pero sigue igual, que deficiente la verdad......mejor lo desinstalo por completo
  • ممتاز جدا Good
    يستحق 1000 *******************
  • Tried a lot of add-ons and this one the best tool I've found. Thanks!
  • This really helps me in my works. But please add shortcut customizer even for the pop-up, because it's too bothersome to move the pointer to the corner-end of screen all the time..
  • It keeps telling to select a target language from the toolbar popup, which I already did. Nothing happens.
  • No configurable hotkeys, nothing on the right click menu, how the hell is it supposed to work ?? Removing this sh*t now.
  • This add-on does the job and integrates well in Firefox. You can also customize the size of popup toolbar. Keep in mind that it does not translate web pages.
    added functionality to translate the entire page via context-menu item (v0.1.2)
  • IT DOES work great if you want to translate words and sentences. The interface is easy to access and the size of it can be modified by the user in the options menu over in the add-ons tab.
    IT DOESN'T translate entire webpages. Which is a must for anyone that knows it easier to translate the whole page. When you pase a webpage in this version it just stares back at you with a blank look. it get's a 21/2 stars.
    added functionality to translate the entire page via context-menu item (v0.1.2)
  • Doesn't allow pasting with the mouse. Won't translate texts longer then around 200 symbols (around 1.5 average sentences). Useful only when translating single words and phrases.
  • No funciona para Firefox 40.0 en Ubuntu.
  • good but i can not save the words
  • thanks for this add , its really helpful :)
  • Hi, Thanks for the great creativity. I must confess for the great ui and ux of this super add-on! I suggest to make it more functional by adding these options: first is to be able to run the translator by a hot-key . And the second is to set the default input and output languages.
    Hope to be added in the upcoming releases.
    Best wishes yours!
  • Kopyalama olmadikca hicbir anlami yok.
  • Please make possible to copy translate result!
  • Its brilliant but i like to be able to copy the output.
  • Thật tuyệt. Tôi đã mong chờ nó được xuất bản từ rất lâu rồi.
  • Really glad you made this. This helps me a lot in many ways.
    Came to say thanks.
  • Works as expected!
    An idea to improve the extension: could you fill the text to translate with the current selected text from the current tab?
  • Looks good, however, I did not get to use it for Firefox would hang with this add-on turned on
  • THIS: "Please do not post bug reports in reviews. We do not make your email address available to add-on developers and they may need to contact you to help resolve your issue. See the support section to find out where to get assistance for this add-on."

    The support section will lead me back to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/google-translator-lite/#support

    Hehe, where ther is no way, Okay I thought I will visit the addon home page, it took me here

    Hmm weir, lets try their homepage
    There is statement

    To start an open-source project please use the contact form below.

    What?? there is no form to contact you either.

    Hmm so I will post a bug here.

    I can't copy the translated text, I have to retype it everytime. :(

    -1 star for no option to report bug
    -1 star for the bug

    It is super lightweight :) keep up the good job.
  • Perfect!
  • It's a Google Translator portable :) everything the needed for don't leave the page.