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  • Fantastic level. With each translation is better
  • Great idea. Especially if If you get used to mobile translator UI.
    Really cheap and easy solution for non trivial problem.
    What is missing for me "one-click" - way to send piece of text from page to translator.
    But anyway it's pure 5. Addon doing exactly what is declared.
  • De momento, es el mejor traductor que he utilizado en Firefox
  • beznadzieja!!!! - w innej przeglądarce jest lepiej, pamięta wpisane wyrazy po wyjściu na inne karty i z powrotem !!!! a trzeba za każdym razem w pisywać od nowa ;/
  • 很慢,然后翻译长句子的时候会看不到翻译,显示的区域不够
  • good
  • helpful
  • The extension does not translate the selected text, but only opens the translator window.

    This is complete idiocy.
  • One of the best translator available to date!
  • I rather prefer the add-on Panel View for Google™ Translate because it allows a floating button over the word you mark.
  • This is the best translator out there without a doubt.

    Thank you very much.
  • thank
  • Excellent deserves a thousand star for the best, God willing