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Versie 4.5 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Final release for FF v48-51

Versie 3.6 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 52.0 en hoger

+ Bug fixes

Versie 3.6 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Bug fixes

Versie 3.6 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Performance improvements

Versie 3.6 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

Versie 3.3 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

- Fixes issue with smart-block where slow trackers were not being blocked

Versie 3.3 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

- Several bug fixes and improvements.

Versie 3.4 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Rolling back bug fixes.

Versie 3.3 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Bug fixes.

Versie 3.3 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Updated Smart Blocking logic to allow site-specific blocking and un-blocking
+ UI fixes in the setup flow
+ Various bug fixes

Versie 3.4 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Hello Ghostery Users,

We are very excited to introduce Ghostery 8, the most advanced privacy tool in the world! This new version of Ghostery has been many months in the making, as we brought together the combined technical expertise (not to mention uncommonly good looks) of the Cliqz and Ghostery teams.

If you’d like to see what’s new in Ghostery 8 on your own, click here and check it out. If you’d like to see what’s new before trying it, keep reading.

What’s new in Ghostery 8?
+ Enhanced Antitracking
+ Enhanced Adblocking
+ Smart Blocking
+ Simplified Setup
+ Simple View
+ New Default Settings
+ Expanded Detail View
+ Snooze feature for Pause
+ New Dashboards (coming soon)

Versie 2.2 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ bug fixes

Versie 2.2 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

Versie 2.2 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Bug fixes.

Versie 2.2 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 55.0 en hoger, Firefox 48.0 en hoger

New Features:
- Implemented Firefox for Android compatibility for Ghostery 7
- Implemented backend improvements

Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed click-2-play typo-
Fixed reported console log syntax error

Versie 2.0 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Fixes an issue where Ghostery displayed a blank panel if localStorage and indexedDB are disabled
+ Fixes slow startup in Firefox 55
+ Minor bug fixes

Versie 2.0 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Refactor token refresh logic to prevent unintended logouts
+ Fixes broken Ghostery panel in Firefox with cookies disabled
+ Correctly update timestamp on settings page after db auto-sync

Versie 2.0 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

+ Fixes issue that prevented Ghostery from loading in Firefox v48
+ Minor bug fix to improve performance while blocking

Versie 7.3.1 2.0 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Release Summary:

Hello Ghosterians!

We have another version of Ghostery (v 7.3) hot off the press!  However, before we dive into the details of this release, let us share a little insight into some of the bigger ambitions we've been pursuing over the last few months and the direction we plan to bring our product in the months to come.

When Ghostery joined Cliqz in February, we set a common goal to not only establish a new bar in privacy but to also rethink browsing technology in a way that provides a free, open, and private Internet that puts the needs of users first. To date, a "free" Internet has always been one financed by advertising - a model that ultimately imposes invisible costs on individuals in the form of intrusive and annoying ads, slow websites, widespread erosion of privacy, and an entire industry built around acquiring and selling user data. In other words, today's ad-supported Web is anything but free, and almost certainly doesn't put the needs of users first. 

We think you deserve a better Internet and a smarter way to browse it. 

To make good on this aspiration, we will be experimenting with different models that provide an alternative to advertising as the engine of the free Web. To that end, we are currently testing a cool new feature in Ghostery 7.3 that lets our users earn rewards for products and services simply by browsing online as usual. Our goal with this is to empower our users to gain something directly from companies who value them rather than have that value sucked up by thousands of middlemen trying to serve them ads. Our aim is to extend this model so that people can support their favorite websites without suffering ads and their invisible costs while helping Ghostery (and its uncommonly attractive team) pay our bills and deliver real value to our users at the same time.

Ultimately, we think this experimental feature is something exciting that a lot of people will like - it brings you real, valuable rewards with zero data collection and 100% anonymity while still enjoying the cleaner, faster, and safer browsing experience that Ghostery has always provided. It’s also completely optional, so, if it’s not your cup of tea, you can simply turn the feature off. And if you don’t notice any changes in Ghostery 7.3, don’t worry – we’re running the experiment with only a small percentage of our userbase. As we learn from this test and others, we will roll out this feature and other improvements to more and more users.

As for the rest of Ghostery 7.3, its new features, improvements, and bug fixes are outlined below. As always, if you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us (

Happy Surfin', 
Team Ghostery

New Features & Improvements: 
• Improved block-and-filter functionality in advanced settings
• Improvements to usage analytics
• Rewards experiment (Germany Only)
Fixed Bugs: 
• Tracker descriptions are now displaying properly 
• The click-2-play redirect from Google shopping links now works properly

Versie 7.2.2 1.7 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Minor bug fixes and updated translations.

Versie 1.7 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Release Summary:

Hello Ghosterians!

Spring has sprung and with it an updated version of Ghostery (v 7.2) is ready for the masses! This release includes a number of number of big improvements and changes, so continue on to learn more.

First and foremost, Ghostery 7.2 includes our first official unveiling of the Human Web. The Human Web is a revolutionary technology developed by Cliqz, our new parent company, that uses the wisdom of the crowd to power a sophisticated suite of browsing tools, including private search and heuristic anti-tracking. The Human Web does this by aggregating anonymous statistical data from our users to determine the relevance and safety of trackers, websites, and search queries. This data is thoroughly scrubbed of any personally identifiable information and is passed through a series of peer-to-peer proxies, making the data virtually unidentifiable by anyone, including ourselves, so that even if our security were breached by a hacker or outside organization, there would be practically no way to tie this information to individuals. The Human Web, which is open source (check out the code), is implemented in all new installations of Ghostery, though users can easily opt out of it at any time. This implementation of the Human Web is the first step towards bringing heuristic anti-tracking - that is, an anti-tracking feature that uses machine learning to improve itself - to Ghostery in addition to our traditional block-list model, a move that will greatly increase the privacy firepower of our product.

Beyond implementing the Human Web, Ghostery also features a handful of new features and improvements. Chiefly, we have made all advanced features - including slow and non-secure alerts and URL patterns - available to all users, even those without accounts. This is our first step in making as much of the Ghostery experience available to users without needing to share an email address or create a password. Additionally, we have added a page speed indicator to the main panel, which shows the load time for the page. This indicator is a great way to see the impact that blocking or not blocking trackers with Ghostery has on how quickly websites load. Further, we have not only made a myriad of bug fixes as we always do but we have also made a number of improvements to our back-end processes that speed up the performance of Ghostery while reducing the CPU usage.

Finally, we are building a rigorous A/B testing back-end into our product which will allow us to more quickly and aggressively test new features in the product. This means that users like you are more likely to see experimental new features live and in the wild, giving us a greater opportunity to test big ideas and get immediate feedback on them from real users like you. This will be especially true for our beta user group, which has access to early builds that we will be using more and more frequently to test some pretty ambitious ideas. Per usual, if you want to join this group, feel free to do so by following this link and signing up.

Due to the implementation of the Human Web and our plans to implement more advance features in the future, we have updated our Privacy Policy, which you can see here. Like always, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or random thoughts about this release or the product in general, we want to hear from you! Just email us at

Happy Surfin',

The Ghostery Team

Summary Change Log

New Features:
  • Human Web implementation
  • Page Speed Indicator
  • A/B testing capabilities
  • Click-2-Play button for Hubspot forms
Product Improvements:
  • Changed URL for "Map these Trackers"
  • Updated copy translations
  • Removed account requirement for advanced features
  • Improved performance and reduced CPU usage
Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed weird symbols mixed in with copy
  • Fixed link to the proper blog post for the update notification
  • Fixed version number in Ghostery control center
  • Fixed issue causing FF version 52 to feeze

Versie 1.4 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Christopher Tino [4:46 PM]
Release Summary
This hotfix addresses a critical defect across all browsers that has been logging users out of their accounts. This release also addresses some additional minor defects as well as a Firefox-specific defect that was causing a blank panel when users disabled third-party cookies.

Versie 1.3 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Release Summary
This is a general maintenance hotfix with a few user-facing improvements and updates. First and foremost, we made performance improvements across all browsers by updating how we handle internationalization, which should reduce load time when a user first opens his browser. Second, we removed the ability to collapse the main panel, as this feature was proving to be buggy and problematic. Third, we resolved a number of backend defects and added some broken-page fixes.

Versie 1.3 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Release Summary
This is a hotfix intended to fix a number of issues we discovered in the Ghostery 7 release, including upgrade issues in certain languages on Firefox, a CSS conflict with Ghostery's site notice, and other back-end defects.

Fixed Defect Summary:
+ Fixed scroll bar for upgrade modal on Firefox to prevent primary CTA from being pushed off the screen.
+ Fixed some broken links in the Help panel
+ Back-end defect fixes

Versie 1.3 MiB Werkt met Firefox 48.0 en hoger

Ghostery 7 was designed and developed using the tremendous feedback we have received from our vibrant community, including months of user testing, hundreds of emails to our support desk, and thousands of survey responses. All sorts of users - from first time user to casual users to experts - wanted a browser extension that fit their individual needs and levels of use. Well, we heard you loud and clear! The result is an extension that combines a cleaner, simpler, and easier-to-understand interface with powerful new and enhanced features. The browser extension provides greater insight into trackers and the websites that host them. The best of both worlds.

First and foremost, the Ghostery 7 user interface feaures a bigger panel that is divided into an information view, featuring a more compact version of our granular tracker list, and a summary view, featuring high-level information and functionality. The summary view is collapsable and includes a tracker category donut wheel that also doubles as a click-to-select filter for the tracker list as well as the Trust Site (unblock all on page), Restrict Site (block all on page), and Pause Ghostery (disable all blocking) functions. Ghostery 7 also features new alerts for trackers that are slow, non-secure, or break pages, features that help users figure out what to block and when. The slow- and non-secure trackers are available only to account holders, as well as other advanced features, such as account syncing, tracker URLs, and a sneek peek of Trackermap. Finally, we have also enhanced the purplebox so that it has a new collapsed state that includes alert indicators.

Beyond the extesion itself, we have also consdensed the setup flow to make it easier for users to quickly and intuitively set up Ghostery. Additionally, the tour, which used to be required for all new users, is now an optional call-to-action that allows users to explore it if they are interested but otherwise easily dismiss it if they are not.

New Feature Summary
Restructured extension panel that is larger and collapsible
Cleaner, simpler, easier-to-understand UI
More compact tracker list
Filterable tracker categories
Alerts for broken page, and slow or non-secure trackers
Collapsable purple box with refined UI
Local settings located in the extension itself
Tracker URLs
Sneak peek at Ghostery Trackermap
Condensed setup flow with
Opt-in & account modals
Start tour banner

Versie 6.3.2 1.5 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 38.0a1 - 56.*, Firefox 38.0a1 - 48.*, SeaMonkey 2.32 - 2.36

Release Summary
This hotfix is intended to make the local settings compatible with the updated WebKit codebase that Ghostery will be transitioning to in future release.

Versie 6.3.1 1.5 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 38.0a1 - 48.*, Firefox 38.0a1 - 49.*, SeaMonkey 2.32 - 2.36

Hotfix Summary
This hotfix addresses some issues we were having with uninstall functionality, links in the user notification pop-ups, and some back-end errors we were experiencing.

Versie 6.3.0 1.5 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 38.0a1 - 47.*, Firefox 38.0a1 - 47.*, SeaMonkey 2.32 - 2.36

New Features & Product Enhancements
Simplified and Improved Blocking UI (Ghostery Extension)
The blocking UI/UX in previous versions of the extension was, to put it bluntly, very confusing. Too much information was hidden by default and it took users too many clicks to get the information they wanted about the trackers they wanted to investigate. There were also too many rules and override states for the blocking logic itself, which further complicated the user’s experience. In 6.3.0, we simplified the blocking options interface by restoring a more traditional list view - though one that retains the categories - and made global blocking an easier two-choice check/uncheck interaction. Local blocking and unblocking remains in the product as “Trust on this site” and “Restrict on this site” tracker options, language that better parallels the establish site-level trust and restrict actions. We’ve also made these options only visible when a user hovers on the blocking options to help keep the UI simpler and less cluttered.

New Features Summary
Simplified and improved blocking UI (Extension & Web)
Refined purple box UI/UX
Improved Firefox for Android menu options
Fixed Defects Summary
Several broken page fixes (surrogates)
Firefox for Android menu settings clarification
Minor translation issues
Minor save state UI issues
GBE 6.3.0 Product Designs

Versie 6.2.0 1.4 MiB Werkt met Firefox voor Android 38.0a1 - 47.*, Firefox 38.0a1 - 48.*, SeaMonkey 2.32 - 2.36

Release Summary
There are a number of new features in Ghostery 6.2.0 for Firefox. The most notable new feature is the restoration of Firefox for Android compatibility, which wasn’t previously available in the most recent releases. We have also added a feature for desktop users that will make the Tracker Settings panel the the primary view if it was the last panel open when the user closed the extension. That means that users can make this their default view if they prefer this to the Tracker Summary view.

We have also added a couple new features that will make it easier for users to report broken pages and submit new trackers. These features are available in the Ghostery extension menu. Finally, there were a couple minor edits to copy as well as small improvements to Ghostery web and extension interface.

New Features Summary
Firefox for Android compatibility
Persistent Tracker Settings panel view
Submit new tracker menu button + form
Report broken page menu button + generated email
User signed-in indicator
Updated My Ghostery footer to include Support link
Improved timestamp for tracker library updates

Fixed Defects Summary
Fixed the blank panel issue when a user clicks on a 2nd monitor and clicks back
Fixed the translation issue that was occurring when the tracker library updates
Clicking on “Norsk” no longer defaults translations to English
Improvements to first-party exceptions for trackers that show up on their owners’ domains

Versie 6.1.0 1.4 MiB Werkt met Firefox 38.0a1 - 46.*, SeaMonkey 2.32 - 2.36

Release Summary
In the days following the release of Ghostery 6.0, we heard one question again and again - what happened to the “Pause” button? This feature never actually went away - it was renamed “Ghostery On/Off” and it was included in Ghostery’s menu. What was clear from the feedback our users gave us, however, was that having an obvious one-click option to temporarily pause blocking was sorely missed. Well, the “Pause” button has been returned to Ghostery 6.1, the first of many iterative releases to come.

Ghostery 6.1 also features a handful of defect fixes and copy changes. The most notable minor update is the change the name of “Adult Content” to “Adult Advertising” to better reflect the purpose of the trackers in that category. Additionally, the License Agreement and Privacy Statements now point to consolidated versions of each document and the 404 pages now load in all 22 supported languages.

New Features Summary
Ghostery 6.1 for Firefox includes the following new major features:
  • Pause button on Summary Panel - temporarily pause and resume blocking on any page.
  • Updated the category “Adult Content” to “Adult Advertising” to more accurately reflect the trackers in this category.
  • Copy and internationalization updates

Fixed Defects Summary
Ghostery 6.1 for Firefox includes the following major defect fixes:
  • The Ghostery summary panel is no longer broken when you close and reopen Firefox with Ghostery paused.
  • Tooltips for Trust Site & Restrict Site no longer persist when you hover away from them.
  • Corrections and improvements to internal analytics.