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  • tuyet voi
  • Dear FlagFox team,
    Thank you so much for developing this really cool addon and especially for keeping it regularly updated.

    Kindly provide option to keep / remove Flagfox entry from webpage context menu please. It really is a make or break feature for me.

    Keep up the good work.
    We love you :)
  • I wish I could use this but the flag icons are too ugly.
  • I prefer the less intrusive, older version without a nag screen to update - but it's either that or remove it. Can be useful to turn on when you quickly want to know a webhosts info.
  • How do I say this, I believe "Tony the Tiger" said it best......It's Great!!!!
  • This is one of the most underrated extensions I've ever some across. It's a swiss army knife of extensions with actions customized for whois, translations, personal IP Info (good if you're on a VPN and want to verify), Video Converter and so much more, including any site that allows direct queries via URL.

    The possibilities are endless. If you're a poweruser this is a must-have.

    After installing, right-click to see all the services and sites available to you - including the ability to add your own.