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  • Combatti pubblicità e/o banner! Element Hiding Helper è un'estensione complementare per Adblock Plus che permette di creare facilmente regole per nascondere gli elementi.
    732.305 utenti
  • Personas Plus

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    Personas are free, easy-to-install "skins" for Firefox. Personas Plus extends that built-in functionality to give you even more control and easier access to new, popular, and your own favorite Personas.
    373.923 utenti
  • Allows bidirectional access to Google Calendar
    283.348 utenti
  • Download Status Bar

    Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle (325)

    Se siete una persona che ama avere il controllo totale di ogni aspetto dei propri download, Download Status Bar è proprio l'estensione che stavate cercando!
    244.744 utenti
  • MinimizeToTray revived

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (307)

    Minimizes windows into the system tray.
    231.042 utenti
  • SQLite Manager

    Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle (38)

    Manage any SQLite database on your computer.
    195.789 utenti
  • Extra Folder Columns

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (236)

    This extension is for those TB3 users who want the multiple-columns view that TB2 allowed
    163.333 utenti
  • DOM Inspector

    Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle (65)

    DOM Inspector is a tool that can be used to inspect and edit the live DOM of any web document or XUL application. The DOM can be navigated using a two-paned window displaying a variety of different views on the document and all nodes within.
    133.016 utenti
  • JavaScript Debugger

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    As of Firefox 33, Venkman *no longer works*, as the APIs which it needs have been removed.

    Venkman is the code name for Mozilla's JavaScript Debugger. Venkman aimed to provide a powerful JavaScript debugging environment for Mozilla based browsers.
    131.695 utenti
  • Toolbar Buttons

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (317)

    Adds toolbar buttons to the customize toolbar window in several programs including Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. Some of the buttons make commonly preformed actions quicker, others add new functionality.
    127.189 utenti
  • Signature Switch

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (165)

    Switch the signature on/off or choose a new one from your predefined set...
    84.733 utenti
  • UnMHT

    Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle (217)

    UnMHT permette di visualizzare MHT (MHTML) formato compresso per il web, e salvare pagine web complete, includendo testo ed elementi grafici, in un unico file MHT.
    78.998 utenti
  • Quicktext

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (274)

    Quicktext is an extension for Thunderbird that lets you create templates that can be easily inserted into your own emails.
    75.581 utenti
  • Exif Viewer

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (83)

    Displays the Exif and IPTC data in local and remote JPEG images.
    67.144 utenti
  • FoxClocks

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (307)

    FoxClocks shows times around the world - or just your local time - at the bottom of your browser. It deals with daylight saving time so you don't have to.
    67.030 utenti
  • Google Calendar Tab

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (78)

    Adds the Google Calendar web interface as a new tab directly into Thunderbird. Creating and viewing events works just as it would in a browser like Firefox
    59.010 utenti
  • MR Tech Toolkit

    Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle (143)

    (Formerly Local Install) The primary goal of this extension is to provide the tools needed to install and manage extensions and themes locally and tons of other features.

    Note: With Toolkit 6.0 Auto Archiving is fully working in Firefox 2.0 and temp...
    50.607 utenti
  • Restartless Restart

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    This 15KB restartless add-on will add a "File" -> "Restart" menu item and a ctrl/cmd + alt + r hotkey to restart Firefox or Seamonkey.
    43.557 utenti

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