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Nome Sekizaru
Località Kamakura, Japan
Lavoro Search Engine Marketer/Addon Developer
Pagina principale
Utente da Gen. 16, 2008
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 3 componenti aggiuntivi
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My real name is Richard and I'm originally from Australia but now living in Kamakura, Japan (close to Tokyo). I'm interested in search and search engine marketing so both my addons are related to that. I love hearing feedback so please send me an email at the address to the left.

I componenti aggiuntivi che ho realizzato

Customize Titlebar Riavvio richiesto

Customize the browser titlebar how you want.

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71 utenti

Wolfram Alpha Google Riavvio richiesto

Display Wolfram Alpha results in Google searches.
No need to switch search engines when you can use both at once!

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955 utenti

SEM Tools Riavvio richiesto

SEM Tools automates the manual, tedious tasks of running a PPC campaign so that you can do what you are good at... marketing and analysis.

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Ad Hacker

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Useful add-on. If you ever check Live Http Headers to see what cookies have been set or if you browse the source code of a site looking for all the javascript files then this extension will save you a lot of time.
It still has some bugs as noted on the download page but the developer responded promptly to my feedback so I'm sure they will be fixed soon.

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