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Open In Chrome Riavvio richiesto

Migrates opened tabs to Google Chrome.

A single or all currently opened tabs in Firefox are opened in the Google Chrome browser. Links on pages can also be selectively opened in the other browser.

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Best download manger I've used.
* Parallel download supported and lot of knobs to tweak.
* Configurability regarding the parallelism (how many parallels in total and / or per file)
* "One-click" download with the option to revise default settings if needed, just one click away.
* Slick use interface.

Allows entering rename expressions, which is very useful when sites provide obscure filenames. For example it's possible to have DTA automatically rename files based on link attributes such as the title, which can make for more expressive file names.

Really wish Mozilla prioritizes getting the browser features used by this addon incorporated into the hamstrung FF 57 code base, since I'll be forced to disable FF ESR updates March 5, 2018 if I risk losing this addon.


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This addon is designed to do one specific thing, and it does it very well.

Personally I'm using the addon mainly to work around a disconnect that exists between what search engine results link to and what I want to read.

Example. BB-forums offer a wealth of community information on various topics, but search engines pick up on the archived pages instead of the styled main threads. If anyone has tried to read the completely unstyled archive of a thread, they'd know that it's rather annoying to read, and that the styled version on the site is much improved in terms of readability.

Luckily most web forums are using the same software and thus the site navigation structure (link constructs) look the same, so creating a single regex to match against archived links and then rewrite those so they point to the main threads is easy. The problem though is how can you make Firefox act on your personal routing and navigation preference in this regard?

This addon is tailored for this sort of need and provides:
1. A field for entering a match expression, including using regular expression capturing groups.
2. A redirect field which can use the captured content from (1)
3. A field for entering a sample URL, used for testing,
4. A button to test your expression against the sample URL, so you can iteratively refine the expressions until they are just right. It shows you the input and the result of your match and rewrite expressions, making it very easy to quickly author and maintain your rewrite rules.
5. Basic management of your rewrite rule set.

Being a developer myself, I first thought I'd address this redirect need using the greasemonkey addon that I already had installed, as doing redirects is just a 1-2 lines of code problem. However I have enough stuff (addons and custom scripts) running already whenever I hit a web page, and all this cruft do accrue to a point that a noticeable slowdown is experienced when navigating the web.

This time around I instead chose to go hunting for something specifically tailored for this redirection need and found this addon, glanced at the source code and was glad to notice the developer is as performance conscious as I am, meaning he has tried hard to minimize the performance impact of using this addon. This basically means that using the addon will give your browser a powerful URL rewrite and redirect capability without negatively impacting your browsing speed.

Highly recommended addon also for non-technical people, as long as you understand wildcard matching and / or regular expressions.

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Classic Theme Restorer (Fx29-56)

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Great plugin idea and execution of it.
There's a constant struggle between developers enforced change upon users and users' desire to have a stable platform they know how to operate and have grown to appreciate. Most orgs and devs the last decade have completely forgotten the value of consistency, that people become familiar with something and grow attached to how that something feels like, looks like and behaves, not to mention the effort the users have invested in learning to use a tool a certain way.

Instead many product developers, and especially Mozilla as of late, have kept change as a constantly rolling thunderstorm that wreaks havoc on the users' time investment regarding using the tool. As such I applaud the effort of every developer that fights against the needless storm by providing shelters for people that want to settle on a previous success that the core program developers "stumbled upon" but missed to notice, or blatantly ignored.

This addon is a shining example of providing users the option to keep the experience of using Firefox consistent with what they once learned, and a shelter from the Mozilla hail of changes that keep on rolling buy. The implementation is also great in that it seems to perform what it does in a light weight manner (using CSS as much as possible) which is also commendable, as it doesn't slow Firefox down needlessly.

Excellent job Aris.

-- when things change, stuff breaks, if not technically then mentally.

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Old Lion Fullscreen

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Awsome dude, one less thing now bugging me on OSX. Also like how succinctly you fixed this defect; one frickin' statement (line of XUL). Good job !