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Nome Akerbeltz
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Pagina principale http://www.faclair.com/
Utente da November 30, 2010
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Scottish Gaelic spell checker Riavvio non richiesto

An open (traditional spellings and GOC inclusive) spell-checking addon for Scots Gaelic, which will correct over 700,000 words, with industry-standard rules for lenition, initial h- n- t- etc, making it the biggest spell-checking dictionary to date.

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Good tool, does what it says on the tin within the confines of each language's foibles (i.e. it saves you a lot of time hitting strange key combos but you still need to pay a bit of attention when there are close homographs e.g. tur~tùr which it obviously cannot distinguish)

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Quick Locale Switcher

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Simple, works really well. Might be a tad easier for the average user if selecting a new locale would automatically download the xpi file for that language but either way, good work!

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