Gavin Sharp

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Nome Gavin Sharp
Località Toronto
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Utente da Maggio 18, 2007
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 6 componenti aggiuntivi
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SuperStop Compatibile con Firefox 57+

SuperStop adds a Shift+Esc shortcut that stops background requests and animations even when the Firefox Stop button is disabled.

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This add-on is very simple: on installation, it backs up and then resets your search preferences and home page to their default values, and then uninstalls itself. This affects the search bar, URL bar searches, and the home page.

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Developer Assistant Riavvio richiesto

A suite of tools for developers.

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Mass Password Reset Riavvio richiesto

Sometimes you change a central password that ends up changing 12 others. This add on helps you reset multiple passwords in the Firefox/Thunderbird password manager.

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TabCloser Riavvio richiesto

Adds a "Close all (hostname) tabs" to the tab context menu (where (hostname) is the hostname of the selected tab).

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Very neat. I like this addon.

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