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Web Security Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Web Security actively protects you from malware, tampered websites or phishing sites that aim to steal your personal data.

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Browsec VPN Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Best VPN addon for Firefox.

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Ghostery – Ad Blocker per la Privacy Compatibile con Firefox 57+ Consigliati

Ghostery è una potente estensione per la protezione della privacy.

Blocca pubblicità e tracker, e accelera i siti web.

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NoScript Security Suite Compatibile con Firefox 57+

La migliore sicurezza che un browser possa mai avere.
Permetti solo ai siti fidati di caricare contenuti attivi, e proteggiti da XSS, Clickjacking e altri attacchi.

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LastPass Password Manager Compatibile con Firefox 57+

LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

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HTTPS Everywhere Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Encrypt the web! HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox extension to protect your communications by enabling HTTPS encryption automatically on sites that are known to support it, even when you type URLs or follow links that omit the https: prefix.

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360 Internet Protection Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Questa è l'estensione Protezione internet di 360 Total Security per Chrome. Si basa sul database degli URL dannosi sul cloud del centro di sicurezza 360 sul cloud. Verranno attivate le funzioni di protezione da frodi, phishing e URL dannosi.

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Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy – Unblock Sites

Unblock any blocked website or content and stay secure and private with Hotspot Shield VPN. Easy-to-use interface with one-click activation. Unlimited bandwidth, completely FREE!

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Disable WebRTC Compatibile con Firefox 57+

WebRTC leaks your actual IP addresses from behind your VPN, by default.

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RoboForm Password Manager Compatibile con Firefox 57+

RoboForm, the #1 ranked Password Manager makes your life easier by remembering passwords and logging you into websites automatically

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Disconnect Compatibile con Firefox 57+ Consigliati

Make the web faster, more private, and more secure.

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uMatrix Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Point & click to forbid/allow any class of requests made by your browser. Use it to block scripts, iframes, ads, facebook, etc.

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BlockSite Compatibile con Firefox 57+

BlockSite is an extension, which automagically blocks websites of your choice. Additionally, this extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the link text without the clicking functionality.

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adaware ad block Compatibile con Firefox 57+

By blocking annoying ads and nosy trackers, adaware ad block nearly doubles your browsing speed! And with the most robust antivirus-level cloud-scanning technology of any ad blocker on the market, you’ll be safe from the latest cyber-threats.

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WOT - Esplorazione sicura Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Scopri all'istante di quali siti web ti puoi fidare. WOT aggiunge icone intuitive stile semaforo accanto ai risultati di ricerca e URL per aiutarti a decidere in maniera informata se visitare un sito oppure no.

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Tamper Data Riavvio richiesto

Use tamperdata to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters...

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Kee Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Kee adds free, secure and easy password management features to your browser which save time and keep your private data more secure.

Powered by KeePass Password Safe (additional installation of this free open-source program is required).

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ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN

Please note that this add-on has been replaced with a complete WebExtensions powered rewrite to be compatible with Firefox 57.0 and above. Download the new ZenMate for Firefox here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zenmate-vpn/

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VPN Unlimited - Private & Secure Web Proxy Compatibile con Firefox 57+

VPN Unlimited is free to download and try for 7 days.

Protect your privacy and get unlimited access to your favorite websites worldwide with VPN Unlimited!

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DuckDuckGo (HTTPS / SSL)

DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doesn't track you. We also have smarter answers and less clutter. This extension adds DuckDuckGo (HTTPS / SSL version) to the search bar. For more features, see the DuckDuckGo Plus add-on. Enjoy!

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