NOTE: Development discontinued. Stacked tab switching with Ctrl-Tab (or Command-Tab) keys.

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Aggiunto il November 1, 2009

Throbber Changer

Changes the default throbber to a user customizable one

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Aggiunto il October 15, 2009


Reload All gives you control over the way you want to reload your tabs. You can choose the tabs you want to reload and it has customizable shortcut keys to make tabs easier for you.

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Aggiunto il September 27, 2009

Chromin Tab Behavior

Chrome behavior tab for Firefox.
This add on should be used with combination of Chromin Frame by Zero Fire

This add on made mouse event behaviour of tabbar similar to Chrome

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Aggiunto il September 13, 2009


Clears the 'search' box when a new tab is created. For any version of Firefox starting with FF3.

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Aggiunto il September 11, 2009

Chromin Frame Carbon

Discontinued since "Total rechrome" + "Chromifox Basic" achieve the very same result (dark skinned chromefirefox) with less incompatibilities.

A bug fixed and carbon version of Chromin Frame to use with Chromifox Carbon.

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Aggiunto il September 11, 2009

Background Tabs

Open a tab in the background without switching to it by holding either [CTRL] or [command] key when pressing [ENTER] -- useful for postponing the reading of articles, looking up words while reading, and much more!

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Aggiunto il August 25, 2009

DblClicker Riavvio non richiesto

Double-click action for Firefox -
double-click Link, Bookmark/History to open in new tab (emulate ctrl+click).

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Aggiunto il August 24, 2009


Enables searches from the search bar to open in a different tab without switching from the current tab.

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Aggiunto il August 24, 2009

Open Bookmarks in New Tab

After you installed this addon to your Firefox, bookmarks are opened in new tab always.

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Aggiunto il August 19, 2009


A utility to allow desktop style tab navigation (alt-tab on windows) with option of tab preview

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Aggiunto il August 14, 2009

Tabs Open Relative (Modified)

This add-on is a modified version of Tabs Open Relative ( combined with dikrib's fix.

Tabs open to the right of the current one, external links open according to

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Aggiunto il August 11, 2009


If you are browsing in a dark environment, then it is very bad for your eyes to read pages with white background. This plugin helps you by turning the webpage to a dark color scheme.

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Aggiunto il August 2, 2009

Visitrs - Chat with other visitors on your favorite web sites

Visitrs is a simple and useful live web chat application for connecting other visitors of websites.

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Aggiunto il August 1, 2009

Super Tab Mode

Need a light-weight Tab enhancement tool?
Want to hide firefox as soon as possible?
Tired of annoying pics/ads?
Want to move firefox cache to a virtual disk?
Try it!
(Please contact me if you find bettr translation for the option window words.)

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Aggiunto il July 25, 2009

Clean the junk

Clean the junk - is the add-on for removing of banners and other junk from the opened pages.

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Aggiunto il July 20, 2009

Search it up!

Search phrases just by selecting them on the page and pressing CTRL+Q! If the selected text is a web adress, it will be opened instead of searched.

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Aggiunto il July 19, 2009

Tabs on top

Tabs that actually reach the top of window! (for easy clicking) if combined with "HIDE CAPTION TITLEBAR PLUS" addon.
Tabs like Chrome browser, but without any undesired extras.

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Aggiunto il July 16, 2009


"Eraser" is a Fast, easily accessible, portable Private Data cleaner.
it erases your private information and tabs in fraction of seconds through a Eraser-button in toolbar.

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Aggiunto il July 11, 2009

Tab History Menu

When click on the selected tab, a history menu corresponding to it will display.

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Aggiunto il July 10, 2009