A Firefox add-on for adding Backpack button on products of website.

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Shop Down The Debt Riavvio richiesto

Help lower the United States debt by adding this simple extension!

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Ubuntu Affiliate Redirect Riavvio richiesto

Redirects links on Amazon to be tagged with the Ubuntu affiliate codes.

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Ownza Firefox Extension

With Ownza's Firefox Button:
(1) Any time you visit a store online, the Ownza Button shows you what your friends and tastemakers own or want from that store.
(2) Earn cash back on purchases when you add things from the store to your Ownza profile.

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易海淘(ehtao) Riavvio richiesto

最新版本已移至易海淘官方网站, 请前往更新
在美国亚马逊、Drugstore、Vitacost 等购物网站的产品页面上直接显示人民币价格,并计算购买该商品的总成本,新增美国快递自动查询、通知功能, 同时提供谷歌浏览器(chrome)版本和IE版本,详情请至易海淘官方网站

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Deals Picker

DealsRace is the industry leader in online shopping and product price comparison. Deals Picker add-on will help you find the best deals available online on DealsRace.

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Рейтинг и сравнение кэшбэк сервисов Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Рейтинг, топ и сравнение лучших кэшбэк сайтов и сервисов, поможет найти самый выгодный cashback в инетернет магазинах

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Fond extension Compatibile con Firefox 57+

This extension provides a helpful reminder whenever you browse to a site that has perks on Fond. Follow the link directly, login to your account, and redeem the perk first before buying!

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搜券助手 Compatibile con Firefox 57+


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Clubic Bons Plans

Clubic Bons Plans compare les prix automatiquement lorsque vous surfez sur la page d’un produit chez un e-marchand. Profitez également des #bonsplans Clubic grâce aux notifications en temps réel pour être les premiers à en profiter !

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OneCart allows you to collect products from many stores in your cart during online shopping.

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Wallet Protector Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Geld sparen leicht gemacht!
Surfe wie gewohnt im Internet und nutze automatisch die Vorteile, die WalletProtector dir automatisch auf deinen Lieblings-Online-Shops anbietet.

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Add to Buyee Compatibile con Firefox 57+

“Add to Buyee” is a tool that allows you to use Buyee’s proxy purchase service.
It has been refined to be easy-to-use, with our customers’ intentions in mind.
Please enjoy shopping with the new tool, “Add to Buyee”.

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Upozorní vás na možnost vrácení peněz v e-shopech při přímé návštěvě

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Widget Shopping Mailorama Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Achetez Moins Cher ! Installez le Widget Shopping Mailorama et économisez jusqu'à 50% de vos achats chez plus de 1000 marchands.

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Personal Shopping Assistant Compatibile con Firefox 57+

Your smart shopping cart across the web. Automatically organize the various product pages you visit. Add to favorites and get notified on price changes. Make smart choices by comparing products across sellers.

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A currency tools supporting 97 currencies. Max 9 targets could be counverted to in one time.

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Heartbleed-Ext Riavvio richiesto

The Heartbleed SSL vulnerability presents significant concerns for users and major challenges for site operators. Want to be DETECT websites that are vulnerable install this plug-in and GREEN is GOOD, RED is BAD

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Find At AppShopper Riavvio richiesto

This Add-on simply add an "Find At AppShopper" button at any iTunes App Store App page.

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如意淘:同款比价,价格曲线,降价提醒 Riavvio richiesto


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