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flv movies downloader

A useful tool for downloading flv, movies / music from your favorite websites such as Youtube, Google Video, Pornotube, Grinvi, Putfile, RedTube, Dailymotion ,Metacafe, Trilulilu, PornHub, RedByte, Tube8 and all the others. Also, please review.

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Aggiunto il January 26, 2010

SuperOTR Extension

Integrates SuperOTR into Firefox.

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Aggiunto il January 19, 2010


Adds a button that facilitate the use of with video sharing websites. Currently supporting more than 20 of the most well known flash video sites: YouTube, MetaCafe, MegaVideom, DailyMotion, Ku6, YouKu, Veoh, Break, Vimeo ...

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Download Scheduler Riavvio non richiesto

Start the downloads at a date / time that suits you.

Short instructions here:

Please report bugs, feature requests etc here:

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Dr. Music Contact

Show direct links for downloading all MP3 files from Audiofiles page.

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Aggiunto il December 28, 2009


FoxySpider is your personal web crawler! It can crawl into any website and find what you really want (video clips, images, music files, etc.). FoxySpider displays the located items in a well-structured thumbnail gallery for ease of use.

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Reference Maker

Webページの情報はサイドバーにリンクをドラッグするだけで複数個保存することができ、一括で Text(箇条書き)/XML/BibTex 形式でファイルに出力することができます。

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Aggiunto il December 21, 2009


Download a web page and all other web pages, images or selective categories which are linked to that page.
Download a sequence of web pages at once.
Download all open tabs at once.

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Aggiunto il December 20, 2009

Download Flash and Video

Download Flash and Video is a great download helper tool that lets you download Flash games and Flash videos (YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Google Videos and more) with a single click.
The downloader is very easy to use.

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Aggiunto il December 4, 2009


This add-on lets you control your Fonera 2.0 downloads from your firefox browser. It integrates nicely so you can send links to your fonera, supports remote access, megaupload/rapishare/torrents and more.

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Aggiunto il November 26, 2009

Plugin de Mega-Debrid

Plugin de débridage Megaupload utilisant
Utilisation réservée au possesseurs d'un compte VIP (anciennement premium) sur le site

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Aggiunto il November 19, 2009

Magic Open Download Folder Button

A simple extension that adds a button to the download manager that opens your download folder.

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Aggiunto il November 12, 2009

Google Docs Viewer (PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, etc...)

View publicly-accessible PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, among other files online with Google Docs by only 2 clicks. Click as usual for your default viewer. Support bookmarked URLs. Security and your explicit viewing intention are always honored.

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Aggiunto il November 12, 2009


Generates magnet links for torrent sites, letting you pull the torrent out of the swarm without downloading it from the website

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Aggiunto il November 6, 2009


Ease nzb files downloading by catching all downloads and redirecting them to your download tool : sabnzbd or any other newsgrabber which wait for files in a directory.

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Aggiunto il November 3, 2009


automatically get a download link from MegaUpload

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Aggiunto il October 17, 2009

MegaUpload DownloadHelper

Download from MegaUpload.
MegaUpload Download Helper will start your download once ready.
MegaUpload Download Helper will monitor time limitations and will auto-start your download.

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Aggiunto il October 17, 2009


automatically get a download link from Indowebster

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Aggiunto il October 16, 2009

YouTube Download

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Video DownloadHelper instead.

Download YouTube - The best YouTube video and music downloader for Firefox.

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Aggiunto il October 14, 2009

Copy Containing Folder

Adds a menu item to the Download Manager. It allows to copy location of a containing folder for a downloaded file.

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Aggiunto il October 9, 2009