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  • TinEye Reverse Image Search

    TinEye Reverse Image Search

    Click on any image on the web to search for it on TinEye. Recommended by Firefox! Discover where an image came from, see how it is being used, check if modified versions exist or locate high resolution versions. Made with love by the TinEye team.

    60.539 utenti

  • Private Bookmarks

    Private Bookmarks

    Enables a password-protected bookmark folder.

    10.194 utenti

  • SingleFile | Save a page as a single HTML file

    SingleFile | Save a page as a single HTML file

    Save a complete page (with stylesheets, images, etc.) as a single HTML file

    17.110 utenti

  • Disconnect


    Make the web faster, more private, and more secure.

    184.326 utenti

Estensioni più votate
  • Decentraleyes


    Protegge dal tracciamento tramite CDN centralizzato "gratis". Impedisce a molte richieste di raggiungere reti come Google Hosted Libraries e fornisce file locali per impedire malfunzionamenti dei siti. È complementare ai normali content blockers.

    248.671 utenti

  • Bitwarden – Gestore di Password Gratuito

    Bitwarden – Gestore di Password Gratuito

    Un gestore di password sicuro e gratuito per tutti i tuoi dispositivi

    172.886 utenti

  • LeechBlock NG

    LeechBlock NG

    LeechBlock NG is a simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them.

    33.804 utenti

  • Swift Selection Search

    Swift Selection Search

    Swiftly access your search engines in a popup panel when you select text in a webpage. Context menu also included!

    13.748 utenti

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  • Tranquility Reader

    Tranquility Reader

    Tranquility Reader improves the readability of web articles by removing unnecessary elements like ads, images, social sharing widgets, and other distracting fluff.

    7.776 utenti

  • Weather Extension

    Weather Extension

    The best way to see the weather right in your browser. Easier than looking outside!

    30.085 utenti



    This is probably a laser cat add-on so you can shoot laser cat lasers at things.

    5.773 utenti

  • ClearURLs


    Remove tracking elements from URLs.

    15.013 utenti