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  • I've been using this for years and it's always worked perfectly until this week. The extension stopped being able to block the right side banner ads in Outlook.com on June 20th. Confirmed this issue is happening on multiple PCs.
  • review guidelines.
  • One of the most useful add-on. Thanks!
    Sometimes stops working, update or reinstall needed. But I guess it's because of everlasting fight ads vs blockers. 👍
  • I use it for all of my email accounts. Does a great job blocking all of the ads and other crap.
  • Good Extension
  • I am still getting non-stop ads on the side why?
  • Muito bom !!!
  • Je suis désolé, mais vu que Adblock et Webmail Ad Blocker ne fonctionnent plus avec Mozilla, je préfère quitter et désinstaller ce dernier de mon ordinateur (après pas loin de 20 ans de fidélité), puis sinon cela va détruire mon ordinateur.
  • tolle sache