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  • After using Firefox for years, I literally just found out how to correct the misspelled words.

    On a Mac, hold down the CONTROL key and click on the underlined word. Up will pop a menu with suggested corrections.

    It works! No more opening a new tab and typing in "spell ardvark" and then copying the Google Search result, going back to the previous tab and pasting it in. All done without leaving the page. I'd give it five stars but the documentation of how to correct misspelled words was not east to find.
  • Thanks so much for this. I love it because I want lifting of my business to world class standard.
  • thanks
  • Great!
  • Good Job, Work well on Windows 10.
  • shows up in add-on.

    but unable to use it. (if i select a text in firefox windows..there is no option to lookup)
  • Hi,
    I along with some other user's, so far haven't been able to get this add-on to function properly. Maybe it's just me, or possibly I'm just missing something on exactly how it's supposed to function.
  • nice
  • super
  • my demand provide by this app
  • Thank yoooouuw!!!