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  • In Firefox, I couldn't even get it to simply show me the color as I moved across a page. I gave up and switched to ColorPicker.
  • Not now though. It's got awful lag, and always Picks the wrong colour - often black - when hovering the colour I need. Really has become quite crap across both Firefox and Chrome.
  • It was simple, you clicked then selected, now you click and you have to choose from a menu what you want to do.
  • Until recently this would be a 5 star review without question. Over the past few months however this adon has been absolutely decimated. It received a completely pointless overhaul which resulted in visual glitches making the eyedropper unusable and incorrect eyedropper results when it does work.

    I've been using a windows alternative for months but kept this thing on my system in the hope that it would be fixed... it wasn't. After today, when it couldn't even FIND the blue tone I was trying to match on the page at all, I'm done. Uninstalled.
  • I thing it will help everyone.
  • Если надо взять цвет с небольшого (тонкого) элемента, стало невозможно попасть, берет с другого участка. Всегда пользовалась, теперь это стало невозможным. Увы(
  • No entiendo quien hace TEST de software antes de su lanzamiento. Pero la ultima versión nunca debio salir. Es una broma. Inestable, horrible, Como puedo volver a la versión previa? Me obligas buscar otras soluciones.
  • That's wrong, very wrong
  • Been using this for years. Now it has become a really really really shitty add-on. There are so many visual glitches you simply cannot use it.
  • Very bad. I used it before upgrading and it was really easy. Now it works unregular. I don't need analyzer, palettes and others. I just need to copy color quickly. Wish I could use older version.
  • Depuis la mise à jour le picker dans la page ne fonctionne tout simplement plus (ff53.0 / 64bits / win10)
    Since the last update the page color picker doesn't work anymore (ff53.0 / 64bits / win10)
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  • Awesome add-on and great that it is a WebExtension. Thank you! And people who are reading this and having issues, PLEASE read the description....Contact Colorzilla's dev to get your issues fixed, do NOT post your problems in a review, you fools. That's why you don't get support and then you complain when the dev doesn't fix his stuff.
  • Have been using Colorzilla for MANY years. Now for the first time the color picker (eyedropper) not only fails to operate, it locks up Firefox.

    Latest Firefox release.
    Hello, please contact us at http://colorzilla.com/contact and we'll help troubleshoot this
  • Bisher ohne bugs oder Einschränkungen. TOP-Entwicklung also TOP-Entwickler!
  • Not working with win 7 premium
  • I have been using and loving this extension in its previous versions for as long as i remember using firefox (since version 0.6, fifteen years ago or something like that).

    It has been most helpful. Always handy to have a page color picker AND a "color manager" to quickly find a color when working on a webdesign.
    I found myself using the color manager even in other situations, because it was just there... always a firefox instance opened, colorzilla a click away.

    Now, since version 3, it is sadly UNUSABLE!
    You can still approximately use the color picker to copy a webpage color but colorzilla is now NOT A PERSISTENT WINDOW, it disappears once it loses focus.
    This means you can't see the result of your colors fiddling persistently anymore, colorzilla just SHUTS DOWN AND LOSES ALL CHANGES.
    How dumb is that?

    I have been forced to install another color manager: Sharp Color Picker. This one has a permanent window and won't cut your throat behind your back.

    Please, use your extension once in a while, and see for yourself how you made it unusable for all your real users out there.

    Anyway, thanks a lot to you for years of good service, it is just sad you made this unfortunate step.
  • i would like to amend my 1-star review of version 3.1 with a few comments on version 3.3, which is a substantial improvement.

    1) web page color analyzer.

    don't know if previous versions of colorzilla included this feature, because i never saw/used it, but this feature alone is worth 5-stars, as it lays out the entire CSS color palette for a given site, allowing you to easily choose from the entire set of colors currently in use on whatever site you're working on. no need to resample every time (or indeed, any time). huge thumbs up on either adding this feature or making it more visible.

    2) Don't move document down when sampling.

    another thumbs up, here, and a big reason i've amended my review. you have to check a box in options to enable this feature, but it speeds up the time it takes for the color picker to activate, and doesn't cause strange interactions on pages that use iframes.

    3) Automatically start eyedropper when main button is clicked.

    uncheck this option in your prefs, and you get single click access to all of colorzilla's options/features, just as in previous 2.x versions. the trade-off is that you don't have single-click access to the eyedropper, but this doesn't bother me too much, especially with the availability of the web analyzer tool.

    i haven't had a chance to test out how well the "copy special ..." feature works, but being able to copy rgba values is a boon, if it works.

    the numerous bug fixes also make for a more stable plug-in.

    colorzilla almost lost me with their 3.1 update, but 3.3 has restored my confidence in this indispensable developer's tool.

    so why not 5 stars?

    because it's a new version and i haven't had time to truly put the plug-in through it's paces, i don't know whether the bugs that affected my workflow are well and truly gone, or whether or not new bugs have appeared. i hope for the best.

    developers should not shy away from installing colorzilla though, which appears to me to have reclaimed its place as one of, if not the most useful firefox plug-in for developers.
  • Удобно!
  • Fantastic, thank you Alex Sirota!
  • Free!!! Simple interface. Let's me work quickly. Love it.
  • Poderoso y fácil de usar.
  • So helpful, easy to use. Thank you!