Om Android-útwreidingen te brûken, hawwe jo Firefox foar Android nedich. Besykje ús desktopwebsite om add-ons foar Firefox foar desktop te ferkennen.

Firefox foar Android-útwreidingen

Personalisearje Firefox foar Android mei krêftige útwreidingen.

Oanrekommandearre tafoegingen
  • Dark Reader

    Dark Reader

    Dark mode for every website. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

    1.157.951 brûkers

  • SponsorBlock - Skip Sponsorships on YouTube

    SponsorBlock - Skip Sponsorships on YouTube

    Easily skip YouTube video sponsors. When you visit a YouTube video, the extension will check the database for reported sponsors and automatically skip known sponsors. You can also report sponsors in videos. Other browsers:

    432.639 brûkers

  • Bitwarden Password Manager

    Bitwarden Password Manager

    At home, at work, or on the go, Bitwarden easily secures all your passwords, passkeys, and sensitive information.

    725.120 brûkers

  • FoxyProxy Standard

    FoxyProxy Standard

    FoxyProxy is an open-source, advanced proxy management tool that completely replaces Firefox's limited proxying capabilities. No paid accounts are necessary; bring your own proxies or buy from any vendor. The original proxy tool, since 2006.

    205.433 brûkers

Alle Android-útwreidingen ferkenne
  • Ecole Directe Plus Unblock

    Ecole Directe Plus Unblock

    Permet un accès ininterrompu à Ecole Directe Plus en donnant l'accès en continu aux données fournis par l'API d'EcoleDirecte.

    142 brûkers

  • Automatically Skip Youtube Ads

    Automatically Skip Youtube Ads

    Auto skips youtube ads

    703 brûkers

  • Media Grabber

    Media Grabber

    MediaGrabber simplifies the process of downloading online media content, including videos, music, and images, from various websites with ease.

    411 brûkers

  • Transkriptor: Transcribe Audio to Text

    Transkriptor: Transcribe Audio to Text

    Transkriptor, a browser extension powered by AI, revolutionizes transcription by making it fast, efficient, and user-friendly. Developed by expert engineers, it simplifies converting audio to text directly in your browser without extra software.

    290 brûkers

  • OsintX


    OsintX 🔍 is an extension that allows you to automate research tasks but not that OsintX also allows you to practice osint easily without skill.

    181 brûkers

  • WebX Video Downloader

    WebX Video Downloader

    WebX Video Downloader is your ultimate companion for capturing and saving videos from your favorite websites.

    1.752 brûkers

  • Under New Management

    Under New Management

    Detect when your installed Firefox extensions have changed owners.

    155 brûkers

  • Unlock Medium article

    Unlock Medium article

    Opens current Medium Article in Freedium, unlocking the article.

    489 brûkers