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  • Was great in the past, but turned into spying tool! Use forked and clean Stylus!
  • This addon is a scam. Don't install it.
  • Privacy nightmare, steals user data, sends all sites visited to SimilarWeb, use stylus instead
  • Have used this is in the past, but I can't recommend it due to privacy issues. Recording my browsing behavior is not OK.
  • Abusive extension, collects user history.
  • This addon has been collecting browser history since January 2017. If you care about your privacy at all you should switch to Stylus instead.
  • This is nothing but spyware
  • Spyware
  • Sends all of your browsing history to a third party server.
  • Abusive and invasive add-on, which records and tracks all your navigation history.
  • Records all browsing history. Should be considered insecure, use an alternative.
  • It's shocking that Stylish steals our browsing history by default.

    My visited links are my private information. We might visit web pages that are UNLISTED or not indexed by search engines for private reasons. Or sites we visit might contain sensitive information in the query string, login details, tokens and things we would NEVER want to share with marketing companies.

    Collecting this information should be OPT-IN not opt-out. Their claim of "non-identifiable" information is a sham. Browser history can include personal blog pages and other destinations that clearly point to the identity of the user. More than that, the visited pages might be unlisted, unpublished... and why would anyone want those pages sent to a marketing company database? Why would anyone want their browsing history uploaded to a marketing company without being asked first?

    That is a below the belt, rotten, scumbag privacy breach.

    It's disappointing that browser extensions can do this, and remain on Mozilla's network of addons. This privacy breach should be shut down. Add-ons should NEVER be allowed to collect browser history information by default without first getting permission.
  • This extension tracks all your page views so that they can sell them. You should probably use another extension, instead. Try out Stylus!
  • Steals all your internet history.
  • It's stealing browsing history

  • Steals your internet history to sell it for profit. 0/10 do not recommend!
  • "Stylish" browser extension steals all your internet history
  • Spyware. Collects and relays all visited URLs to its owner, SimilarWeb.
  • spyware now