50 notes
  • Beware. This is not open source. It is written at the bottom of their own page: https://github.com/disconnectme/disconnect
  • Did not make pages load any faster than before. Also, breaks all google sites - content in drive, youtube, etc does not show up and when I got to a google doc by having a link directly sent, I could not type anything.
    This is very strange behavior, definitely not normal and we can't reproduce. Any details you could send to support@disconnect.me would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Why do you not have options - this new update caches pages - and I don't want that - sure, some might - hence the need for choices.
    so - uninstalled.
  • Deceptive licensing, dead project (no updates in over a year), and does not play nicely with other privacy enhancing add-ons.
    We are updating the protection lists regularly and have also updated the extension. Not dead. Also what deceptive licensing practices are you alleging?
  • The Addon is dead, no Updates since 2 years, better use Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger
    We update the protection lists regularly and have also updated the extension. Not dead.
  • After a while the Disconnect icon turns to a jigsaw icon. That does Firefox incapable to connect any site. I don't know what happens but it's grazy!
    Hmm, this is not a known bug. Can't reproduce. Are you running updated version of Firefox?
  • Used it for 2 years, but now it started collecting data and sending it back to their server. Something has changed and it's different to before. Basically, now it's spyware. So, beware, monitor outgoing traffic from your PC.
  • Pas d'icône, bien que l'extension ait été installée avant ADBlock.
  • This is bad
  • The "content" option should be blocked by default!
    If an user found that it breaks websites, then he might have the option to unblock "content".
    It is a shame to force all users to behave as soft-users. You are downgrading users to the same low level.

    Also, if you don't block "content" by default, then why do you count "content" as blocked?
    It should not appear at the counter in the icon.
    It is a shame (if not a scum) to do that.

    And worst, if an user blocks "content", why the add-on doesn't remember/respect user' choice after browser restarting?
    Why users must block same "content" at every session?
    ... just crazy!... so mediocre!

    And you are hearing from us users, the same complains every year... and nothing, zero changes, zero improvements.
    You deserve zero stars due to your blindness along so many years.
  • The license for this add-on is falsely stated here as GNU GPL 3.0. This add-on in fact also includes two proprietary (non-free, not open source) third-party software products, as stated on the add-on's github page (https://github.com/disconnectme/disconnect). Claiming that the add-on is free software and licensed exclusively under GNU GPL 3.0 is highly deceptive, dishonest and inaccurate. Please rectify this and include the licenses of all software parts of the add-on on its official Mozilla Firefox add-ons page.

    I've now reported this issue to the authors, to amo-admins@mozilla.org, via the form on its AMO page and on Mozilla's forum (https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/information-about-add-on-stated-incorrectly-by-authors-on-amo/23377). All with no effect, the mistake remains. Apparently any add-on developer can just claim anything they want about their add-on, there is no control. It's good to be aware that addons.mozilla.org can't be trusted and doesn't really care to provide accurate information about add-ons.
  • useless with uBlock Origin
  • With Firefox Version 57 (the new Quantum), I no longer have an icon on my toolbar which allows me to control it (e.g., whitelist). I removed Disconnect, NoScript, and AdBlockPlus, restarted Firefox, and then installed Disconnect again. It does show to be installed; but no joy! No icon.
  • This program was installed without my permission. I'm generally pretty careful about looking for all of the click boxes and check the terms before installing a program - though I do give the terms a quick scan. Generally, anything that sneaks its way onto your computer should be treated with great suspicion.
  • Same problem as the user levdr. I now have a green jigsaw icon instead of the black D. Pressing it does nothing. Using firefox v57.0. Been an incredible extension until now.

    I've given up using this extension. I don't have the proper icon, stats or anything anymore. All started since the change from legacy.
  • i remember back in the day i used to use this add-on, this was before uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger. But this add-on doesn't play well with those add-ons installed as well. it clashes with one or both of them and the drop down menu looks weird. Also the settings still don't save on the newest version. i'm probably gonna get an automated type of copy and paste response, "Our users have had issues with this and we are looking into it", which i've been seeing for the longest, probably the past year now, on both addons.mozilla.org and their Facebook page. They just paste the same replies over and over again. it's like they don't have the knowledge to fix the problems, and i don't know this factors into it if at all - https://blog.disconnect.me/no-longer-a-b-corp/

    Then this extension uses Dom Storage. Why?

    Also, on another topic, why when Google blocked Google Search from https://search.disconnect.me/ about a year and a half ago and you replied on your Facebook page that you guys were looking into it and would fix it. Not only has it not been restored but you guys have been silent.
  • I've been using Disconnect in Firefox for years on my Mac. It was brilliant. Today I finally went to Firefox Quantum, reinstalled Disconnect but it doesn't work any more. There's just a green Jigsaw icon that doesn't do anything.

    I reported this problem with FF Quantum a year or so ago and it seems the problem has not been fixed. What a pity. Removed the add-on. As it doesn't work any longer my 5 star rating goes to 1. I'm so sorry.
    Thank you for taking the time to share what you're seeing with our extension as that is definitely not normal. We have had reports of some users encountering issues with the extension, and we've been digging into this issue to get to the bottom of what is going on for these users.
  • All I get is the puzzle piece.
    dom.storage.enabled is True.
    dom.storagemanager.enabled is false.
    I will NOT allow cookies as my default position on CookieMonster - no way.
    I even tried UNinstalling AdBlockPlus before installing Disconnect but does not help.
    Please fix.
    I have left Disconnect UNinstalled for now.
    Thank you for letting us know what you're seeing. We have had reports of some odd issues with the extension not displaying properly, and our team is digging into what could be causing this trouble for the users who see it so we can make sure everyone is able to use our extension.