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  • It clears the cache (see page: about:cache), but i would like it to clear cache only for the site i am on. Do not want to loose all cached content, it is not effective.
  • 55.0.3 (32-bit) the changes are not saved. At every FF start the addon revert on default settings, including "reload active tab" and "show notifications".
    This error has been fixed in version 3.1 thanks for reporting
  • In order for the add-on to be enabled the whole Firefox multiprocess feature has to be disabled.
    Sorry for the delay but version 3.0 fixes the problem.
  • Pretty Handy!
  • Are you serious? Why no support for e10s in 2017.

    Change after version 3.1: Works. Great!
    Version 3.0 already uses the new webextension standard so the e10s is no longer a problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • It clears the cache with Firefox 50.1.0 but the confirmation message is about twice as big as it once was -- 113 pixels tall with the broom image at left below the text. Also, it persists for 19 seconds! and stays up even if you switch from Firefox. Previously it was smaller and disappeared quickly. Note: I have check compatibility disabled and am using Classic Theme Restorer and Status-4-evar.
    Hello, could you test version 3.0 to see if the problem persists?
  • It seems it doesn't support e10s but since e10s is disabled on my profile, I couldn't say if it still properly works despite that.

    I hope it will be compliant with future firefox release. I love it. Do you plan to update it?
    In the coming days I will update it and now make ready for e10s so that our users can enjoy the benefits of e10s without losing the convenience of ClearCache.
  • Apologies for another review. The option to hide the message only works with the F9 key. The option to hide does not work when clicking on the toolbar icon/button. The message still appears and multiplies with each click. Kindly repair this. Thanks
    Thanks for the feedback. Can you give me more details so that I can reproduce the behavior? You checked the option to not display the notification and it appears anyway? What is your OS?
  • It works perfectly, especially Reload active tab.
  • doesn't work
    Hello! Could you give more information? Which version of your firefox? You use windows, mac or linux?
  • On older FF (25.0.1) clicking on toolbar icon doesn't work, neither F9. Clearing works here only by right click on CC status bar monitor...
    Hi, thank you Thank you for contacting.

    I'll check and finding the error throw a new version with the fix.


    [Edited] Check out new version 2.0.1 =D
  • I have found this for this to work, but how do I do this

    In FF 32 set "browser.cache.use_new_backend_temp" to false and restart FF, will work properly
    Typing about:config in the address bar you will find this option. Will launch the new version has fixed next week. Cya.
  • In FF 32 set "browser.cache.use_new_backend_temp" to false and restart FF, will work properly
  • On having changed to the version 32 of FF, it me does not work, a notice appears.
    "Error! An error prevented the clear cache:undefinided"
    Sorry for the inconvenience, this version of firefox broke compatibility, in the next days I'll launch the new version with a bug fix.
  • Hi,
    Could you add more details in the description of exactly which cache(s) it clears? "Cache" in modern browsers means more than one thing.

    Instead of users installing, just to find out very basic features.
    I also d/l the xpi file, unzipped & looked for readme / features file - don't see one. I thought you mentioned to a reviewer that you'd include more info "in next version" - which I though was before the current of 1.4.

    Went to your support page - only in Spanish. No button / flag on the page to switch to English. Would be really helpful, so users / potential users don't have to leave questions here on the "review" site.

    Sorry for the '3' rating. When I get info & do an actual review, I'll change this if possible or do another.
  • great addon.. happy to donate
  • Thanks for Clear Cache. Your upgrade to version 1.3 forces a reload of open tabs. This should have been an option. Since I keep a lot of tabs open, reloading them all creates a problem. I always wanted to clear the cache and selectively reload specific tabs. I uninstalled version 1.3 and reinstalled version 1.2 to solve this problem.
    Hi, thanks for the comment and I think you're right, I'll make this change, leaving as optional.
  • I installed and immediately noticed my memory usage went from 550,000k to 1,700,000k (in Task Manager) constantly with no other changes.
    Disabled and it went back to 547,044k.
    Uninstalled and have not had an issue since.
    Sorry, im check this issue later.
  • 相当方便!从前更新网页内容后总为得不到最新结果而头疼,现在只要轻轻一点就可以了!
  • Icon looks a bit funky in FF5, but aside from that it works great!
  • How about some sort of message indicator that says it's cleared ?
  • I used to have to restart firefox. now i have F9 Fever!!!
  • This one works.

    Great !

    Just could have a better design, and highlighting to show the cache have benn cleared.
  • Love it, great for developing. Looking forward to a version compatible with FF 3.5!