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  • exelente
  • I've used this for a long time and would give it five stars. My only niggle is that now there's a notification (in the latest version) that the cache has cleared, it lingers too long, and thus hides other notifications!
    Perhaps a shorter notification, or the ability to choose how long it shows?
  • just nice TQ
  • excellent
  • quick, safe, SIMPLIFIES LIFE!!!!!!!!!
  • I used this extension with FF for years and would give it 5 stars, but had to switch to another when I updated to WF v56.0.1 64-bit as the icon becomes HUGE. I read the developer fixed this in other versions but it's not quite fixed yet for all Mozilla forks.

    Update: 10/5/18 Issue persists. :(
  • Super pratique :)
  • Mes respects M. TenSoja,

    je mesure l’ampleur du courage que vous déployer, pour développer une extension sous ce qu'est devenu l'ex-meilleur navigateur.

    FireFox ESR, censé compenser le génocide anti-extension me désinforme, que Clear Cache serait corrompu !?

    Comment une extension appréciée par plus de 20 000 utilisateurs peut-elle être considéré par Firefox comme corrompu ?
    Mais enfin, qui est corrompu ?

    La fondation Mozilla, depuis longtemps aurait dût intégrer en natif, cette extension, et en action automatique.

    De qui ce moque-t-on chez Mozilla?

    A l'origine Mozilla est une génération spontané avide de liberté.

    Phœnix, Firebird ,Firefox, puis un autre Fire* ou Water*(*animal), viendra leur donner de l'élan.
  • Only clears the standard caches reported by about:cache! The HOSTS file is still hidden by some hidden cache in Firefox. Refreshing a web page does not use HOSTS to fetch from the correct IP address. I clicked the icon, since I use F9 for another purpose. Firefox 56.0.2 (32-bit).
  • fast way to clear cache.
  • Working with firefox 57 but not in 52.50ESR
  • I need set "F1" key to run "inspector" in firefox ( default key is Ctrl+Shift+C ) Please help me to do it
  • It clears the cache (see page: about:cache), but i would like it to clear cache only for the site i am on. Do not want to loose all cached content, it is not effective.
  • 55.0.3 (32-bit) the changes are not saved. At every FF start the addon revert on default settings, including "reload active tab" and "show notifications".
    This error has been fixed in version 3.1 thanks for reporting