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  • I tried multiple adblockers, on multiple browser and OS (Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Opera on Manjaro, Mint, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Windows 10) and it is the one for me and it's been so since 2018. n.b. I use it in combination with AdNauseam too, they work great together. Excellent add-on, *the* must have if there's such a thing.
  • Очень нужное и полезное (за исключением рекламодателей) расширение
  • süper ötesi çok beğeniyorum sakın kendinizi bozmayın
  • Ich bin wirklich sehr zu frieden mit Adugard Werbe Blocker
  • Hay páginas que detectan los bloqueadores de anuncios, sin embargo, este logra esconderse muy bien. Me gusta mucho, además funciona muy bien. <3
  • Apparently it has no hide/stealth feature. Some news sites won't let me read the content with Adguard active, but uBlock Origin seems to stealth through them unnoticed. So I switched back tu uBO.
    I still use Adguard (paid version) on my mobile devices because it blocks ads from apps.
  • Melhor AdBlocker que já vi