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  • The best way to view videos when watching them on an Android Box (TV) with UHD (4K). Always the best resolution all the time.
  • 不能使用,連個鬼都沒有
  • Does not seem to work in FF49.
    When setting the preferred quality to 1080p youtube videos still load with 720p instead.
  • Tried it on Firefox 49.0.2/WIn XP/SP3 but it doesn't work.
    Youtube videos just have a black screen and don't play.
  • Please support 360p - 480p resolutions
    and support embedded videos!
  • works, thx!
  • I recommend this add-on to those who are connected to a high speed but unstable network. YouTube player usually selects a video quality upon loading. If it happens that at the measuring time the speed has been dropped, then YouTube will stream in low quality. This add-on successfully increased the quality back to HD with no problem.
  • this addon is solala...2 stars!
  • Nze fonctionne plus, j'abandonne.
    Quand je mets la résolution voulue (1080p) à la main, la résolution revient d'elle-même en 720 voir 480...
    J'ignore si le problème vient de cette extension ou deYoutube :/
  • Like i said in https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/youtube-hd-1/reviews/733214/ the plugin is not working.
    it doesn't shows better resolutions than 360p.
  • Please add stop autoplay options.
  • Excellent!
    Please add an option to open the video in the bigger size, just like what you get when you click in the little rectangle (close to the gear) below the video. That will make this extension perfect.
    Keep the great work!
  • Thank you. Now it works.