۵٬۸۳۴ reviews
  • muy buena la recomiendo
  • It seems there is no way to disable the annoying youtube floating vid if its been playing on another page.
  • great
  • Awesome application here, this program has a lot of functions, very fun & good job on Maxime RF part.
  • Excellent! Just amazing! The features are flawless and user friendly! I'd give a 10/5 if I could!
  • Ohh now this is really nice! What a great experience for everyone who enjoys watching YouTube! Beautiful themes among all great features.

    A lot of users and great reviews, i can see why and here is another 5 star!

    Thank you!!
  • Would be higher, but with it installed all youtube videos freeze at 2 min unless you manually scrub.
  • Please add a function to improve the readability of the DATE of publication of the video. With various CSS themes and full page scaling, the date sometimes disappears. Thanks for a great addon!!