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  • This is nice. Was able to create custom searches. Thank you.
  • Das ist mal wirklich hilfreiches Addon. Vor allem, das man die zu verwendeten Seiten selbst anpassen kann. Ich nutze es schon einige Zeit und kann nichts negatives dazu sagen. Danke!
  • Expansion can be and good, BUT it is necessary to add search plug-ins manually, it is a lot of unnecessary settings, and here in the Selection Context Search expansion everything is established automatically https://b.radikal.ru/b30/1907/9a/c048b4a524c8.jpg

    P.S. Dear Daniel, if you have time and an opportunity create here such plug-in to the addition, (that "SEARCH" automatic was added on any websites, as on a screenshot) then it the price will not be.
    Good luck! https://c.radikal.ru/c08/1907/19/4d077a9e4aea.jpg
    Hi there and thanks for the review! :)

    I understand, but it's hard for me to maintain a decent list of search engines up to date for SSS's users, so I prefer if people add their own engines. You can also import the ones you use in the browser. People suggested creating a webpage where users could add the engines they are using, like a Wiki, though that would also have to be moderated and it's really hard to do that in my free time.

    Regarding the unnecessary settings, I also don't use most of the options, but almost all were user-suggested via email, GitHub or in reviews, so someone is finding them useful. ;) If you have ideas about what to do about them without removing them, I accept feedback!

  • Despite the fact the title introduces a small factor of ambiguity about what is actually doing, this add-on is really GREAT!
    It offers the absolutely necessary functionality and flexibility, which, probably, ought to be available in Firefox, just "out of the box".
    Excellent work. Thanks!
  • Very useful extension! I use it all the time for almost everything I search. I can search in Ebay and have the results classified by prices and by sells only. Same thing for Amazon.
  • please help me write search engines for virustotal
    Hi and thanks for the review! :)

    A few hours ago, after reading your review, I was checking out how VirusTotal worked and saw that it did some "double" encoding of the search in a way that was very cumbersome to reproduce in SSS, even using replacements in searchTerms.

    So I decided to add a new function that mimics the usual URL encoding, which it seems to be using.

    SSS version 3.33.0 is currently in review. It will possibly take a few days for Mozilla reviewers to take a look at it, but when it arrives you should be able to use this for VirusTotal:

    NOTE: this does not work yet, only when version 3.33.0 is available.

  • One of the most helpful and reliable extensions for Firefox. It's simple and highly customizable. I recommend it to all. Five stars!
  • doesnt disappear auto when click anywhere on page (it should). need to scroll the page , is stuck on some pages . this is annoying.

    It should indeed disappear. :) Can you please try it with all other addons disabled? It could be a bug, but since it's working for me and there were no other reports of this problem, I would like to rule out interference from other addons first.

    Please let me know at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com if the problem persists (notifications in the reviews can be weird).

  • отлично спасибо ,очень полезная вещь .