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Bugtracker Reporter

Bugtracker Reporter is an addon for the AdVerit Bugtracker system.
With this addon you can login into the bugtracking system and report any bugs / features / whateveryouwant item.

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Added May 5, 2011

AccessTab ver.1.0 No Restart

Web Accessibility of all linked webpages for a browsing page can be evaluated by toggling through their hyperlinks with the TAB key without the need to open them. It will report the number of errors as a star scale according the W3C WCAG checkpoints.

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Added May 3, 2011

About config button

Przycisk otwierający zaawansowane ustawienia firefoxa.

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Added May 3, 2011

SVN Detector

Detect SVN Files, phpinfo.php, info.php and phpmyadmin on Webpages

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Added May 3, 2011


Find out how much a website is worth get full information including site traffic,ad revenue,and rank.

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Added April 30, 2011

Remote Control No Restart

Remote control the browser by executing any Javascript (e.g. forcing a page reload) from a TCP socket, e.g. from a script.

This allows you to refresh the browser from your IDE, or to automate tests.

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Added April 30, 2011


Picpicfind - Find any images you want in http://www.picpicfind.com

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Added April 29, 2011


A tool for easily making HTTP requests (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE), viewing the responses, and keeping a history of transactions.

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Added April 27, 2011

SixOrNot No Restart

IP address information for Firefox. SixOrNot is an icon-based display of IPv6 availability and utilisation also providing a listing of domain names and IP addresses involved in loading web pages.

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Added April 26, 2011

Dec Link

Burle os protetores de link e seja redirecionado diretamente para o site de download.

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Added April 23, 2011


A quick, easy method to copy the full html tag for elements on a web page. Simply right click on the element you want to copy, click TextToTag, then paste the full html source wherever you like.

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Added April 21, 2011

Awesome Bar !!

The Awesome Bar makes it easier to browse the web quickly and easily.Now you don't need to to go the browser bar to follow a URL or to make a google search indeed the Awesome Bar comes to you !!

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Added April 19, 2011


JsBloat is a Firefox extension that helps determine what fraction of the jQuery library a web page uses.

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Added April 18, 2011

time-tools-zh No Restart

a basic add-on.

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Added April 18, 2011

Digger Reloaded

Dig through URLs with mouse right button click (context-menu).
Location bar button, Toolbar button

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Added April 18, 2011

Selenium IDE Ajaxrunner Script Formater

This is a Selenium IDE extension. I had to rename the previous version.
!!!!!!! this is currently not working !!!!!!!!
I need the plugin for preparation purposes.

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Added April 17, 2011


Ajuda a burlar protetores de links; extrai os links de uma página, inclusive no código-fonte do javascript; mostra elementos ocultos, como imagens e divs.

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Added April 16, 2011

Copy Title and Description

Adds a right-click context menu to copy the full page title, meta description, or meta keywords. Copy individually in plain text, or all three in HTML.

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Added April 16, 2011

Wrz.co AutoSubmitter

Handy tool making submitting to ddl sites a whole lot easier. This is used by wrz.co

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Added April 15, 2011


从JSFL的在线帮助文档( http://help.adobe.com/zh_CN/flash/cs/extend/index.html )中提取出内容,并转化成AS3类文件。

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Added April 13, 2011