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RadioGNU Scrobbler No Restart

RadioGNU Scrobbler for

Step 1: Enter to and input your credential and save it with the Login Manager of Firefox.

Step 2: Enter to and enjoy it.

GNU FM use a music recommender system called "Audioscrobbler".

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7 users

Backgrounds new tab

Backgrounds new tab is a firefox add-on that allows the user to update and change their new tab background.

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17 users

YouTube™ Anywhere No Restart

YouTube™ Anywhere provides access to a floating YouTube Window on any page, plus, you can drag the window to any position!

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273 users

keygen music play button No Restart

Just click to play awesome 8-bit chiptune music.

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はてブロimageTitle No Restart




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PromotePictures - Post collages to drive traffic! No Restart

PromotePictures is an effective social media promotion solution, made simple for online sellers. Post picture collages from your store to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ to drive traffic and sales from all social platforms

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59 users

thumbnailify No Restart

Extracts the thumbnail of youtube videos

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YouTube Theatrizer No Restart

Simple Addon which recognizes by URL and redirects you towards the embedded version of the video like's Theater Mode.

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Telegram Web Messenger No Restart

Telegram Web Messenger brings Telegram right into your browser sidebar.

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590 users

Mute all inactive tabs No Restart

Automatically mutes all inactive tabs.

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39 users

Serviio TubeFox No Restart

Send Youtube feeds to Serviio DLNA directly from Firefox !

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487 users

Youtube Watch And Read No Restart

Keep reading Youtube comments while watching videos.

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68 users

Télécharger YouTube MP3 No Restart

Télécharger et convertir des vidéos Youtube au format MP3 depuis le site

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139 users Uploader No Restart

Allows uploading cute stuff to from the right-click menu!

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103.5 The Arrow New Tab No Restart

Please Rate Us! If you feel we don’t deserve a 5-star rating, PLEASE email or call us FIRST! We want to hear from you!

*Live 103.5 The Arrow music stream
*Fresh, up-to-date video content
*Animated background

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mal-scrobble No Restart

Scrobbles what you're watching with MyAnimeList

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vPlayBackSpeed No Restart

Adds play back speed controls to Vimeo videos.

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88 users No Restart

Allows Firefox to share desktop with website. User will be always asked for permissions.

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Radio Eksen

Radio Eksen ticker

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64 users

Better YouTube

A compilation of some of the best Greasemonkey user scripts for YouTube in one interface.

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408 users