OkosisTest1 Requires Restart


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Added November 16, 2011

Beginfo Requires Restart

Easy tool to collect text you find on web pages, and to bookmark your favorite pages. The text and bookmarks you have collected will be visible at your personal page at

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Added November 15, 2011

Bring to OneNote Requires Restart

Send text and images to Microsoft Office OneNote from firefox. With section dialog, we can select an OneNote section to store page with title. This add-on must work with "Bring to OneNote" application.

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Added November 13, 2011 Requires Restart

Расширение для сервиса закладок

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Added November 5, 2011

mixi Checking! Requires Restart


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Added November 2, 2011

人人微博分享 Requires Restart


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Added November 2, 2011

FireJump Requires Restart

Starten Sie machmal Suchvorgänge, obwohl Sie stets auf das erste Ergebnis klicken? Sparen Sie nun FireJump Zeit und Klicks, indem Sie hier einen Jump einrichten. So wird jede gewünschte Website direkt geöffnet - ohne Umweg über Suchergebnisse.

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Added November 1, 2011

quTextMark extension and SciMozFB Plugin Requires Restart

quTextMark-SciMozFB is an Extension/Addon, coupling the higlight facility of TextMarker! 0.3.4 with quoting facility of QuoteURLText 1.0.9b, and a Scintilla (of SciTE) text editor Mozilla plugin (implemented through FireBreath). Currently Linux only.

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Added October 30, 2011

好网角网络收藏夹-网络书签 Requires Restart


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Added October 29, 2011

QRSrc Requires Restart

Convert url to a qr code on the fly

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Added October 29, 2011

Intelligent Bookmarker Requires Restart


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Added October 23, 2011

Bookmark Highlighter

Highlights links to any URLs that are bookmarked

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Added October 20, 2011

Page queue

*Right-click any link to queue it
*Right-click to open and remove a link from queue
Meant for those of us who can't stop opening up new tabs when reading Wikipedia!

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Added October 19, 2011

FF History Requires Restart

Button on the window title, which lets you quickly view the history of recently visited tabs and windows.

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Added October 16, 2011

Tab Kit 2nd Edition Requires Restart

Tab grouping, vertical tab tree, multi-rows, and various tweaks for power users.. Firefox 4+ compatible!!

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Added October 14, 2011

Memonic for Salesforce Web Clipper Requires Restart

Allows you to save relevant parts out of any website directly into Salesforce.

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Added October 13, 2011

Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, Sync... Requires Restart

FVD Speed Dial - Speed dial button, online synchronization, new tab start page, bookmark organization, custom backgrounds, custom dials, groups, mobile apps, most-visited dials.

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Added October 11, 2011


Widget for adding the current browser address to the Mac Pins Bookmark Manager

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Added October 11, 2011


Shows a last access time of webpage when the mouse cursor is over a link.

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Added October 10, 2011

Bookmarks UI

- Access your favorite bookmarks easy and fast with Bookmarks UI
- Hide the Bookmarks Toolbar and give your browser more space and a cleaner look
- Great UI - Toolbar button
- Personalize: Wallpapers, Mouse Actions, Hotkeys ...

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Added October 8, 2011