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SearchEngine for

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Eurostyle plugin

Упрощает процесс интернет покупок через сервис

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TelefUM for Мегаплан No Restart

Расширение для совершения звонков прямо из Мегаплана (по принципу Click-to-call). Для работы необходима установка приложения TelefUM (

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Панель быстрых ссылок сайта

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Smarter article sharing with your networks

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Amazon right-click search .com .de .fr .it

Select and right-click to search with Amazon/
Auswählen und mit der rechten Maustaste, um mit Amazon suchen/
Sélectionnez et cliquez à droite pour effectuer une recherche avec Amazon/
Seleziona e clicca col tasto destro per cercare con Amazon

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Binary Option Brokers

This is the official Binary options brokers1- ( extension for Firefox.

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Action Duchenne Supporter Add-On

Help support Action Duchenne by shopping at selected retailers.

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My IP Finder

Fetches Current IP-address and displays in status bar.

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O NEON BHO transforma os números de telefone encontrados em uma página web em links que, ao serem clicados, disparam uma ligação no NEON.

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Zeetle URL No Restart

Zeetle URL enables you to send URLs to your smartphones using "Zee" sound.

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urVotes Poll

Quickly share your contset Question with urVotes

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This is the official extension for Firefox. The add-on fetches pertinent information specific to the keywords entered. This service is for those who are struggling with their blocked or malware/virus affected PC.

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yangben dictionnary

spell check for Yangben Cameroun

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Auxilliary File Saver

Addon for saving data from page.

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Automatycznie uzupełnia pola przelewu bankowego dla transakcji Płatności Cashbill.

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CSSViewerExtended No Restart

A simple CSS property viewer.

CSSViewerExtended for latest Firefox versions. Continuted and modified version of old Cssviewer project by Nicolas but this version now works with latest Firefox 17 and below.

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Banckle Meeting for Firefox

You can collaborate with your colleagues and customers via Banckle Meeting on Firefox. You can conduct online meetings to share presentations, online demos, webinars and online training sessions, video and audio conference etc.

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EZlogin. Easy. Secure. Login.

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