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SMS4buddy.com provides you free sms collection and an option share and collect great sms with your buddies.

Are you looking for a awesome Facebook status update message? Well, you can find it in SMS4buddy.

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Поисковый бар Map.BY Requires Restart

Ищите по компаниям, адресам Беларуси прямо из любимого браузера

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Using your Firefox open Tabs as a slideshow

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clipDO Requires Restart

clipDO clips the web - Send to Kindle, fast and free web clipping from Firefox to Kindle

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Site Identity Button Colors

Brings back verifiedIdentity and verifiedDomain highlighting colors to the Site Identity Button. Also includes a darker style

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541 users

AmosFrameworkForFirebug Requires Restart

Amos Framework for Firebug Extension allows debugging of applications built with Amos Framework.

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secure_google beta1 Requires Restart

translate google search links into https.尽量避免Google搜索被拦截

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Twitter Super Tweet Requires Restart

Tweet like a Power user.

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Ivalice Vote Reminder Requires Restart

Outil permettant de vous rappeler quand voter pour le site Ivalice

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qqtt.org gaming streams notifications Requires Restart

Track your favorite gaming livestreams from twitch.tv and own3d.tv

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Trololo add-on replaces Facebook comments with "Trololo".
UPDATE: not working anymore

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Symfony2 Dev Controller Switch

This add-on switches to Symfony2 dev mode by adding the app_dev.php to the url.

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SPTG - Send Page To Guron.biz Requires Restart

This plugin helps you to add items from online taobao shop to your basket at www.guron.biz website without the need to copy and paste the link like it used to be. Its quick, simple and makes the entire process of creating an order a one-click deal.

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PictureUpload.US Image Uploader Requires Restart

Right click to upload image uploader

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4 users

Fireformat Requires Restart

Page source file formatter.

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507 users

youMP3me - "download" button for Youtube

Adds a "download" button to Youtube video pages.

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25 users

FavIconInLocationBar Requires Restart

Displays the fav-icon in the location bar as Firefox 13 and earlier did

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88 users

KapiExtended Requires Restart

Veel mensen spelen kapilands op kapilands.nl en/of kapilands.com. Deze plugin geeft meer opties en speelgemak.

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27 users

Hamara Plugin Bhaiiii Requires Restart

Finds links that have a target attribute

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Click Reader Requires Restart

ClickReader reads the text of a web page out loud using the built-in voice on Windows and Mac OS X. It can read selected sections of the page or read continuously from a specific location. Text on the page is highlighted as it is read aloud.

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