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Added October 28, 2012


“ 还给你一个干净的微博! ”




微博急简官网: www.diff.im/weibo_wc
设计:diff http://weibo.com/nonewang

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Added October 23, 2012

News Assist

The News Assist add-on provides all necessities to the editor for news search, edit, publish and distribute to social media, without having to leave the web browser. Instructions and more printscreens on http://www.newsassist.org/

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Added October 19, 2012

Wikipedia V2 Requires Restart

Cleaner and larger font. Auto-hides banners. Pleasant light-grey background. Similar to Opera's "Grey Lady 3" addon.

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Added October 17, 2012

Gigaw.at Requires Restart

Quickly shorten URL's with Gigaw.at

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Added October 16, 2012

Scroll To Top

A plugin to scroll to top and vice versa of a window. It is really beautiful and is highly customizable..

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Added October 16, 2012


Widget, dzięki któremu masz dostęp do powiadomień o artykułach wybranych specjalnie dla Ciebie! Nie musisz nawet zakładać konta!

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Added October 11, 2012

FireReads Requires Restart

Sends selected text to search on Goodreads from context menu.

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Added October 11, 2012

urVotes Requires Restart

Quickly share your contset Question with urVotes

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Added October 10, 2012


Widget Headline Persibmania.com

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Added October 9, 2012

bandungnewsphoto.com Requires Restart

widget Headline News of bandungnewsphoto.com

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Added October 8, 2012

Journaux Quotidiens Algeriens

Add-on du Journal Quotidien pour navigation les journaux quotidiens algeriens

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Added October 1, 2012

Send to Kindle for Mozilla Firefox Requires Restart

Send news articles, blogs posts and other web content to read them anytime, everywhere on Kindle devices or reading apps.

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Added October 1, 2012

Send As SMS Requires Restart

You Can Send Selected Text / Typed Text As Free SMS To Any Mobile By Using Ur Free SMS Account

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Added September 28, 2012

Firepost Requires Restart

Firepost for App.net - posting, searching, notifications

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Added September 25, 2012

Simple Keywords Requires Restart

A simple tool to grab keywords from textareas or any selected active element.

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Added September 24, 2012

Fastcraft - Last 5 Commits Requires Restart

This plugin shows the last 5 entries of Fast Craft

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Added September 23, 2012

Lited EasyPublish Requires Restart

It's that simple!
Just click and post about the page you were looking through

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Added September 22, 2012

Mevoked Toolbar Requires Restart

Mevoked is a platform where users can react, share and discover content in an expressive and intuitive environment.

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Added September 22, 2012

Peliculas de Estreno rapidas Requires Restart

Esta aplicación es para bloquear cualquier tipo de publicidad o anuncio en la web sipeliculas.com de tal manera sea mas rápida de navegar en la pagina web para los usuarios que la usan para buscar películas

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Added September 19, 2012