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Remote Developer Tools Server

This addon provides options for starting the developer tools server. It is especially valuable in XULRunner Apps where there is no UI to start the server.

NOTE: This addon is not mandatory in Firefox or Thunderbird, as support is built in.

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Updated July 18, 2014


Les cookies sur internet sont diaboliques, c’est la raison pour laquelle McVitie's a crée cet outil intelligent qui va les éliminer de votre ordinateur.
Choisissez les cookies parmi la liste et détruisez-les d’un simple clic.

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Updated July 17, 2014

Anonify Browser Requires Restart

Hides your firefox from websites

Anonify Browser lets you modify your browsers identity, i.e. User Agent, to another browser thereby hiding your browser from websites.

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Updated July 14, 2014

Remove/Crop-to Selection

Remove or crop-to selection from context menu so that you can print or save only the parts you need. Additionally you can remove clicked elements and also remove ads, videos or other third-party content from web pages.

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Updated July 13, 2014

vCommission Deeplink Generator Requires Restart

This tool is intended to be used by vCommission.com Publishers to Deeplink active Sale(CPS) offers. Enter your vCommission affiliate user E-mail to deeplink any CPS offers. Access your publisher account @ http://partners.vcommission.com

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Updated July 11, 2014


Firebug extension to copy net requests to the clipboard to the desired format

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Updated July 10, 2014

Kill Button

Say goodbye to unwanted elements in web pages

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Updated July 9, 2014

Генератор ИИН

Генератор ИИН позволит тестировщику вставлять в поле для ИИН сгенерированное значение.

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Updated July 9, 2014


Forget about the [F5] key! WSTabReload is a web development productivity tool that will help you to automatically reload your browser tabs every time selected local files are changed.

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Updated July 7, 2014

Extra Content V.I.P.

Extra Content VIP Extension gives access to Premium VIP content.

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Updated July 2, 2014

My Contributions (crash report edition)

This add-on visualizes your contributions of crash report.

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Updated July 2, 2014

ZipZoom Requires Restart

Craiglist Bot

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Updated July 1, 2014

SEO анализ сайта от PR-CY.ru Requires Restart

Плагин для опредения рейтинга в один клик.

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Updated July 1, 2014

Green Power Indicator (GPI) Requires Restart

The "Green Power Indicator" visualises if the website has a green power state or not. If the power state is unknown a ? is shown. Otherweise the GPI shows the quality of the green power of the websites server via a small icon.

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Updated June 23, 2014

Header Bar

Header Bar is a simple toolbar that allows you to add or override request headers.
Source: https://github.com/mivdnber/headerbar

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Updated June 20, 2014

Thin Xdebug

Adds toolbar buttons for switching Xdebug remote debugging and profiling.

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Updated June 17, 2014

PourBico Requires Restart

Speed up your testing and debugging times with PourBico. By intercepting HTTP requests, PourBico allows you to modify each response (headers and body) via inline edits or by replacing resources with local or external ones.

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Updated June 16, 2014

DNS Report Requires Restart

Integrate DNSSniffer into your Firefox browser, and generate a DNS report within seconds.

With our DNS Report you get a detailed overview of DNS and MX records for any domain name.

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Updated June 12, 2014


Pour les fans de genesis... La paire avec ToPress !

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Updated June 6, 2014

ToPress Requires Restart

Pour accéder à WordPress... d'un clic !

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Updated June 6, 2014