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Woolik TweeTool – add logos to your twitter stream

Easily recognize links before you click in twitter by adding movie thumbnails and logos of top sites to your stream

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Added July 10, 2011

Google+ Manager

Manage your Google plus! Shortcuts, new menu, TRANSLATE and much more... Chrome version is available at

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Added July 10, 2011

sayhai toolbar

Meet & chat (group chat or video chat) anonymously with people who are visiting the same web page as you! no registration required.

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Added July 9, 2011

LiveJournal Community Moderation

Allows you to monitor a queue for moderation.

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Added July 8, 2011

Постсовет No Restart

Самые обсуждаемые, актуальные и важные события/новости/статьи/обсуждения прямо в вашем браузере.

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Added July 6, 2011

Contact Gorilla

The ContactGorilla Add-on lets you quickly highlight contact information on a web page or email and add that information to your Google, Yahoo, MSN, iPhone or Android. You can create new contacts or add additional information to existing contacts.

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Added July 5, 2011

Wyszukiwarka badmintonistow

Wyszukuje badmintonistw w bazie PZBad

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Added July 4, 2011


Marre des J'aime ? Passez à la vision made in 'Popoze'

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Added July 1, 2011


Post to swaglr! Stay based.

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Added July 1, 2011

FreshImg Image Uploader

FreshImg Uploader allows you to easily upload images that you stumble across on the web to FreshImg, via a simple right click menu. It also allows you to share them out to your favorite social media sites instantly.

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Added June 30, 2011



Rated 2 out of 5 stars (1)
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Added June 29, 2011 YouTube Scrobbler lets you to scrobble the real time streaming music videos on YouTube to your account

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Added June 29, 2011

Tweet Context

Tweet anything from context menu.

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Added June 27, 2011

Photo4u Menu

Questa estensione aggiunge un voce nella barra dei menu che permette il rapido accesso alle sezioni del sito e del forum di by Daniele Lucarelli

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Added June 26, 2011

MAFIAAFire Redirector

Un-censor the net and illegally taken down domains.

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Added June 25, 2011


Daily Bible Verse (24 languages)
Button on main toolbar that allows to see Bible verse of day in 24 languages
It changes every day

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Added June 25, 2011

MAFIAAFIRE: Gee! No evil!

Reminding the big G that:Censoring is evil, don't be evil...
and showing the MAFIAA we are still very much kicking!

MAFIAAFire is not a one trick pony, we are here to make things BAAAD for the people who like the dirty C word (Censorship).

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Added June 25, 2011

Rai Smooth Streaming Player (raismth) live channels, vod and replay contents w/o *light (Silverlight/Moonlight)

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6,960 users
Added June 25, 2011

YeşilSMS - Süper SMS

YeşilSMS - En ekonomik ve pratik bireysel ve toplu SMS servisi - Süper SMS

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Added June 24, 2011

Sgarf - Share your passion

Sgarf allows you to store part of web pages on a permanent store. It makes it easy as drink a cola: select and submit. Your data are stored with the page containing it. All data are searchable to allow easy finding.

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Added June 23, 2011