My previous problem is fixed! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I was the very first reviewer on this brand new add-on. I contacted the author and over the next couple of days, he programmed and I tested and we found the bug. It was nice working with him. This is a very nice feature. When I open Thunderbird, I have a message filter that re-sends all of my emails to a second account which my wife then accesses on her laptop (so we both get all emails). Previously the message filter could only forward the emails - causing the return address on all of the forwarded messages to be reset to our main address. To reply to these emails, my wife could not hit the reply button - that would only reply to me! She would have to re-address the reply manually. Now, my message filter uses this add-on to "re-direct" the email (rather than forwarding it). Now the return address is correct and my wife can reply by just hitting the reply button. Man, I get husband-points for this!! Thanks Irkit

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