Improvement suggestion Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Version 3.4.1 is working for me now.
If additional features and improvement is built into this add-on then it will be more perfect.
-give more audio format option to select e.g.AAC, M4A (easy youtube video downloader can do this)
-Only the audio file after converted(small size) is download, no need download whole video(large size) then convert it (easy youtube video downloader can do this)
-can download audio file without additionally download FFmpeg like other add-on
-built in option to show the size of each format before download (easy youtube video downloader again can do this)
Hope you can try the best to improve it and i will give 5star for these.
I will continue support this add-on because it is very convenience for me as it shows icon on the toolbar.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thank you for your suggestions! In the next update, we will be adding some more audio options to the menus including M4A, ACC, WAV etc. As for file size, this is something we have been considering for a while, so it is coming soon.

Regarding other features of Easy Youtube Video Downloader, they can/will not happen, as EYVD and CYS work in fundamentally different ways. EYVD is only a frontend, it performs conversion on their backend servers. EYVD inserts ads to every YT page (they need to pay for the servers), and communicates with their server park in the background for every file you request. With CYS, conversion takes place on user pc (FFmpeg), and yes, you download the whole video file to get the audio from it (the smallest possible video offering the desired audio quality) - but you get complete freedom of choice, and the highest audio quality on the net, bar none!

CYS offers (for YT videos):

- the highest audio quality available on the net (cannot beat native audio without re-compression! :) )
- the highest MP3 quality available on the net (cannot beat Lame VBR 1...)
- the entire range of video formats available from YT, thus complete control
- no ads!
- complete privacy
- a responsive browser (CYS is extremely light, does not slow your browser down)
- a quick menu
- features nobody else does, like saving the complete YT page with comments and stats for archival.