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Updated October 18, 2012

LinkProtect Helper - Protect Links, Hide Urls

Manage & Protect your Links and Urls!
Modify Links on thousand of websites from one place with one click!
Origing and Stats of the Traffic!
Earn Money even if your links don't work!
Legal Protection publishers and webmasters!

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Updated October 16, 2012


View Live HTTP Response Header of All Websites in Pop Up Window.

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Updated October 14, 2012

Digger Reloaded 2 No Restart

This is Restartless Build of previous version. Toolbar button added.
Dig through URLs with mouse right button click (context-menu).

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Updated October 12, 2012


RapidIMG Quick Uploader

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Updated October 12, 2012

FireClosure No Restart

Access closed-over variables in the Firebug console. (Obsolete - use Firebug 1.11.2 instead.)

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Updated October 11, 2012

Conversor Web No Restart

Ten siempre a mano un encriptador/desencriptador de base64, de date y encriptador de md5(). Perfecto si eres programador web y necesitas comprobar datos continuamente.

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Updated October 10, 2012

Seitwert.de SEO Plugin

Das Seitwert-Plugin vereint die Funktionalität klassischer SEO-Plugins mit einem schnellen Zugang zu allen wichtigen Seitwert-Funktionen. Zu jeder Seite die Sie aufrufen, bekommen Sie automatisch wichtige Faktoren angezeigt. Neu: Blekko-Hostrank.

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Updated October 10, 2012


Opens selected text in a new tab.

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Updated October 7, 2012

Simple Keywords

A simple tool to grab keywords from textareas or any selected active element.

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Updated October 2, 2012


Faster | Lighter | Simpler. A very light weight addon to check Google PageRank and Alexa traffic rank for Mozilla Firefox.

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Updated September 28, 2012

Easy Markup

Assisting the "markup challenged" among us by adding markup options to the context menu. Simply select text, right-click, and select a markup option. Easily add HTML formatting to your posts on your favorite forum or your blog.

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Updated September 25, 2012

source code view

source code of any webpage

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Updated September 24, 2012

Copy URL on Mouse Over

You can copy any URL on Mouse Over. Which helps you to copy the urls very quickly.

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Updated September 21, 2012

FireSwitch No Restart

This addon lists the status of some developer preference such as JavaScript, WebGL and Geolocation.
You must use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + P" to display the panel.

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Updated September 21, 2012

VnZ - MF Redirecter

Redirect link MF from VnZoom.
Công cụ chuyển link MF từ VnZoom mà không bị block.

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Updated September 21, 2012

User Agent RG (FFox update) No Restart

A really generic user agent switcher. Updated versions of Firefox user-agent strings (up to 18.0).

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Updated September 18, 2012


use CTRL+F5 pass cache reload iframe pages.

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Updated September 18, 2012

Goog All Sites & Similar Sites Search

Now you don't have to rely on a website's search any more, rather use this website-specific Google search. Bonus is Similar site search. Just on a click, it gets you the list of websites similar to the one opened in active tab.

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Updated September 17, 2012

Page Ruler No Restart

A lightweight ruler to measure web page elements.

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Updated September 10, 2012