Web Development


Who is on gabbly

Finds who is on chatting on the website using...

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Added June 15, 2006

Custom Buttons

Gives a possibility to create custom toolbarbuttons...

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Added June 11, 2006


People often take screenshots of web pages for miscellaneous reasons - when designing a page, debugging a web application, or even for graphical reference. Usually, though, only a portion of the screenshot is actually relevant to the user's...

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Added June 10, 2006

Go to WindizUpdate

Have you heard of WindizUpdate? It is designed to provide an alternative to Windows Update which will run in Firefox, Netscape or Opera. I guess you know what this means, the final obstacle from being 100% IE free has just been knocked down, you...

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Added June 10, 2006


Remote shell and test-driven development tool for Mozilla developers

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Added June 9, 2006


A developer tool for interacting with web services and other web resources that lets you make HTTP requests, set the entity body, and content type. This allows you to interact with web services and inspect the results...

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Added June 8, 2006

UnHide fields

this extension allow you to view and edit hidden fields...

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Added June 7, 2006

Thai Words Separator

Thai Words Separator is an extension to fit thai words in webpage layout without any modify firefox's main sourcecode . This implementation developed from bact' (http://bact.blogspot.com/) javascript thaiwrap (http://siit.net/members/art/thaiwrap...

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Added June 3, 2006


Lightweight WHOIS Lookup - Adds a small WHOIS button.

For FireFox 3+ use Vitzo's WHOIS add-on instead: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10494

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Added May 30, 2006

Session Keeper

Keep a (longer) session with one Web Application that has an inactivity timeout...

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Added May 29, 2006

Preferences in Tools Menu

Adds the Preferences item back to the Tools Menu...

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Added May 29, 2006

Copy as HTML Link

Creates an HTML link to the current page using the selected text and copies it (into the clipboard) for pasting into other applications.

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Added May 24, 2006


One Click Validator. Provides you a button to validate a page using a validator like w3c or another user defined

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Added May 23, 2006

View Trace.axd

This is a simple extension that is useful for ASP.Net developers. Once clicked it goes to Trace.axd for that directory. It only works if its an ASP.Net application with trace turned on in web.config - nothing happens with any other...

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Added May 21, 2006

Ook? Video Ook!

Ook? Video Ook! enables you to download embedded videos from several systems (such as YouTube, Google Video, Pornotube, Metacafe and many more). ...

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Added May 17, 2006

CCK Wizard

The CCK Wizard can be used to create an extension that customizes Firefox. To access it, after installation, select Tools->CCK Wizard...

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Added May 11, 2006

MR Tech Link Wrapper Lite

Wraps long links and lines to spare you from having to scroll left and right...

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Added May 10, 2006


A myriad of tools to assist with...

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Added May 8, 2006


MyIP is a useful extension that shows your IP address in the status bar.

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Added May 7, 2006

Offline Page validator

Submits the current open page to the W3C validation tool, even if the page is on a non-public server, a local file, requires login, etc...

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Added May 7, 2006