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Loteria Paragonowa

Dodatek ułatwiający wprowadzanie paragonów biorących udział w losowaniu nagród w loterii paragonowej organizowanej przez ministerstwo finansów.

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DragonBreath plugins for OldBK

DragonBreath plugins for OldBK - Labyrinth, Autobattles, Ruins...

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55 users

Stop NBA Redirect

Stop NBA from redirecting to local sites

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LevelDown Stream

Cette extention vous permettra d'être au courant lorsque vos streamers preferés sont en stream.

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27 users


Soyez au courant quand votre streameur Sebastin124 commence à streamer!

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Chap Live Extension

Ne manquez pas un seul stream de Chap !

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Get the latest Trending topics on your New Tab!

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Soyez informé dès que la MadCorpsTV est en ligne !

C'est très simple : si le logo est vert, un clic dessus vous amènera sur le stream !

Rejoignez-nous sur

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Prainternet z Prażubrem

Ten dodatek zabierze Cię w podróż do Prainternetu. Kliknij ikonę dodatku będąc na dowolnej stronie, wybierz rok i zobacz, jak ongi w internecie się pradziało.

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Sciouf Extension

Soyez au courant quand Sciouf commence à streamer!

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Impossible de louper mes lives avec ça !

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Overwatch Tribute New Tab

For Xbox and Playstation lovers. A rotating gallery of high-res Overwatch wallpapers on every new tab!

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Lecjoa is an application to generate and play sound files from drawings

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YouTube™ Sidebar

Easy Access to YouTube via Sidebar UI

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105 users

A Bible Verse Toolbar Requires Restart

A Firefox toolbar made to display bible verses.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (15)
515 users

The Game Numbers Requires Restart

The simple puzzle game.

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die2nite Utilities Requires Restart

Utilities for very good game - die2nite.

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BandSport Parental Control Requires Restart

Bandsports Parental Control é para pais fanáticos por futebol.
Ele permite que os pais bloqueiem os times que eles não querem que os filhos torçam.

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Grooveshark Desktopify

Redirects links to the Grooveshark Desktop App. (Requires the GSDesktopHelper)

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Игры от Requires Restart

Новые игры от

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