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SJL's URL shortener No Restart

A simple URL shortener provides quick and simple access for generating short URLs from either a link or the current page loaded in the browser via context menus. Results end up being placed into the system clipboard.

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7 users

SJW to Liberal

Replaces the text 'SJW' with 'liberal'. Fork of Cloud To Butt Plus.

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Sk-Live@JTV No Restart


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64 users

Skaut No Restart

Skaut helps you to find new web pages. It searches for links while you are browsing and displays the results in a sidebar.

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8 users

SKdownloader No Restart

SKDownloader is a torrent client & download accelerator. This plugin adds a "Download with skdownloader" context menu enabling users to start downloads directly from the browser.

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238 users

Skeedz NewTab No Restart

Decorate NewTab's Background using Skeedz's Random 1920x1200 Images.

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59 users

Skeptical Science

Helps the user to be skeptical, about Climate Change skeptics!

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122 users


'Sketcher' is a firefox extension that allows you to draw graphic comments over web pages. You can link 'sketches' to other 'sketches', webpages or files, organize sketches by topic and add in-line comments. A tool for web-research, or for...

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Skills for Twitter No Restart

View Skills tags when browsing Twitter

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Skinny Mom Theme with Personas Interactive No Restart

Skinny Mom browser theme: Where Moms Get the Skinny on Fitness, Food, Fashion, and Family! Get direct access and up to date information.

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Skip Addon Compatibility Check No Restart

Disable the addon compatibility check window (and optionally the first run page) when switching between different channels of Firefox.

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7,435 users

Skip adf.ly skip!! No Restart

This addon allows you to skip automatically advertising adf.ly.
Basically when the page loads the site adf.ly with various advertisements, the add-on does go directly to the site you want, but waiting a few seconds.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (3)
947 users

Skip Cert Error

This Firefox extension enables skipping the SSL/TLS certificate error page, for specific configurable conditions, like self-signed cert or unknown issuer, by adding a temporary exception.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (22)
12,060 users

Skip Feedsportal

Skip Feedsportal interstitials (from RSS feeds/livemarks of websites such as techradar.com and computerandvideogames.com) to display requested webpage directly

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467 users

Skip Like And Go To YouTube No Restart

Bypass the "Like" or "Share" extortion and play the YouTube video

You can skip the "Like" or "Share" buttons that overlay popular videos from YouTube on many sites and blogs and watch the video in it's original page.

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160 users

Skip to YouTube All Comments No Restart

Directly access YouTube "All Comments" pages

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449 users


Extension allows to skip connecting to Google on opening a search result.

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The Skipity button cures boredom with every click. Download videos from Youtube or any other tube site. Amazing screenshot functionality. Red Facebook Notification on Browser button.

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1,684 users

Skiplimites - Contourner les liens pubs

Contourner les links breakers: linkbucks, adf.ly, ...

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609 users


Suppression de la limitation des 5 Heures sur Deezer !

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923 users