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Rapid accounts; Web screenshots; With the latest optimization software update.

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Freezone Manager v2

FreeZone Manager est une application pour planifier des téléchargements entre 23:00 et 07:00. Particulièrement pratique pour exploiter au mieux l'option FreeZone de l'internet haut débit par satellite de Vivéole.

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Channel.me - Surf the Web Together

Channel.me helps you navigate through the same website with multiple friends, while at different locations.

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Per Site Security Manager

Per Site Security Manager enables configuring security and privacy features (JavaScript, Remembering Formfill history, Download history, Download location, Proxy, Private Browsing, Images, Cookies, Remebering Password, Popups) of Firefox per-site.

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cipherbox No Restart

cipherbox separates encrypted data of web pages from the en-/decryption process and uses the built-in nss library of firefox for the cryptographical functions. Visit http://www.cipherbox.org for more information.

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I Like Google!

Somewhat customizations of Google's search page to make it more social networking oriented.

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Lookup Definitions Online No Restart

Look up definitions from free online sources

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Mozilla Balkans info widget.

Mozilla Balkans info widget.
Read latest news about Mozilla communities directly from your JetPack widget and stay informed. It uses information from our identi.ca account @MozillaBalkans

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Prevents abusing of HTTP status code.
1. It works in the background and does not need any user interaction.
2. Prevents a malicious site from performing a cross-domain discovery of the sites current user logged in.

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NicePrice Beta

Wyszukiwarka produktów na porównywarce cen Skąpiec i Nokaut. Proszę, miej na uwadze iż dodatek jest w fazie beta i ma na razie podstawową funkcjonalność.

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Diplomski rad


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DajFoto Uploader

DajFoto Uploader umożliwia szybkie wgrywanie zdjęć do serwisu DajFoto.pl

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Google Adsense Checker

Google Adsense Checker can display the Adsense earnings on statusbar, it is similar to adsense notifier.

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Simple Translator

Use google translate to perform online translations.

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Segue.se - Encurtador URL

Encurte com Segue.se direto do seu FireFox.
Short your URL with Segue.se on the firefox directly.

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Logicool社製のマウスドライバーについている「One Touch Search」が4.0で利用できなくなったので、作りました。

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Auto focus URL bar No Restart

when keyin a-Z,will auto focus to URL bar

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ngePlurko right now

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Privacy Dashboard

A privacy assistant developed by W3C for the PrimeLife project

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BiciSvet Jump Menu

BiciSvet.com Community

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