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Meta Assassins Assassination Plugin

META Assassins browser plugin. Use this plugin to enable the full game experience and play over the web to hunt and be hunted.

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websitewert.com tool

Website Informations Check mit websitewert.com

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face@work, vous permez de cacher rapidement le site facebook.com de la vue de votre patron en appuyant sur la touche ²

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Browser Server

Embed a server in your browser!
It lets you host files on your computer and let others surf to them.

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淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢 - 亚洲最大、最安全的网上交易平台,提供各类服饰、美容、家居、数码、话费/点卡充值… 2亿优质特价商品,同时提供担保交易(先收货后付款)、先行赔付、假一赔三、七天无理由退换货、数码免费维修等安全交易保障服务,让你全面安心享受网上购物乐趣!TaobaoShopping will be help you to search and navigate products of taobao.

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Seduction Toolbar

Die Seduction Toolbar der Verführerszene.

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Extra Padding When Maximized

Extra padding (1px) above your Firefox tabs when maximized. Double-click the title bar or drag Firefox into a Restored state (e.g. Aero Snap) without pointer accuracy to find the unused area. Accidental tab dragging, be gone! Fitts's Law!

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This extension subtly informs you when coupon codes are available for the stores that you visit.
Never miss a bargain again!
Download the CouponJaguar addon and a message will appear whenever coupons are available for the sites you browse.

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Minimize Addon-Bar

Adds a minimize button to a restyled addon bar.

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Extension InNoWiTion pour le widget WiSite2Me. Envoyez n'importe quelle adresse URL à votre mobile.

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This add-on helps add news, pages, other links to your own RSS feed, later you can read it by any RSS reader.

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Displays license and attribution information for Creative Commons licensed content.

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Home Dash

Find stuff instantly from a dashboard that appears over a full-window browsing experience.

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pure amazon

All 5 star reviews for the GM script version with more than 10,000 installs! A package of enhancements to PRODUCT PAGES of the Amazon.com. Removes Ads, cleans the page, makes sections collapsible, adds Amazon Average Rating to the title, etc.

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DrDOM allows to find Hidden Fields in the page(including frame), display a Dom counter, running javascript or any other script like jquery (your page should have that script) with immediate effect on page.

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Alternative RuneScape Gamebar No Restart

All the functionality of the RuneScape game bar, but without the Conduit annoyances.

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Language Help

Looks up selected word in the dictionary. English, Chinese and Spanish bilingual dictionaries supported.

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Replace tags and hashtags with interactive images - cozytags.
On any website or blog, even on the twitter and facebook.

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Tombol Balas Komentar

Menambahkan tombol balas pada komentar

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Search Organizer With Baskets

Organize sites that you want in a basket-like way. Take them with you and work even offline. All in a visual way. You can see thumbnails of any link that you're about to visit. with the help of thumbshots.org. Generally you can organize faster!

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