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SendTab No Restart

Plugin for sending tabs from one browser to another browser or another computer and smartphone.

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8 users

VebTraffic.com site viewer. No Restart

Peer 2 Peer traffic sharing internet service

Using our Firefox plugin will allow you to earn free traffic for your website from users around the World.

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384 users

رادیو آهنگ No Restart

Radio Ahaang | LimooWEB

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33 users

GMapHere No Restart

Redirect to Google Maps with the location from 'here' maps when you press get direction from a place in facebook.

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2 users

Pentest Ninja No Restart

SQL Injection And Cross Site Scripting Takeover Tool

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82 users

ニコ豆腐 No Restart


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148 users

Web Clipper for Trello No Restart

Clip web pages directly to Trello.

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60 users

Switch Gamma No Restart

a proxy switch

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (2)
133 users

Performance Reporter No Restart

Displays extensions and tabs CPU and memory usage

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (6)
260 users

Montage Screen Sharing No Restart

This extension allows you to share your screen with other interview participants.

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20 users

Copy Title and URL No Restart

This addon will provide a way to copy title and url by using menu and context menu.

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135 users

AFP protocol enabler No Restart

Enable afp protocol (afp://)

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15 users

Direct Forge

When enabled changes firefox user-agent to google chrome's to allow direct download on sourceforge on installer enabled projects (No web installer).

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7 users

Add HTTPS No Restart

It adds https to the current http URL. For instance, if your current tab is on http://example.com, clicking this add-on icon will take you to the https://example.com

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18 users

beruby No Restart

With beruby cashback you will never miss out your cashback again

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (4)
780 users

AlleMon No Restart

Wtyczka dla użytkowników serwisu AlleMon.pl – platformy umożliwiającej monitorowanie Allegro i w rezultacie otrzymywanie natychmiastowych powiadomień o nowych aukcjach.

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20 users

Wordsaver for Quizlet No Restart

Save locally your words using:
1.Select word / words / text
2.Use one of :
2.1.Hotkey: CTRL+SHIFT+S
2.2.Right mouse button - "Save your words"
3.You can see saved text at the top-right corner of the screen - by clicking "pig" icon.

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3 users

Cycle Input Focus Plus No Restart

Cycle through (text) inputs with a keycombo. Find and focus username and password fields (works great with external password managers, like KeePass). Based on the Cycle Input Focus add-on by P.C Spruijtenburg

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30 users

Random Search Engine No Restart

Changes the search engine for the address bar and search bar each time a tab finishes loading.
Used engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckgo

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5 users

Blink No Restart

An add-on that makes your new tab page a lot more beautiful and useful. Blink lets you get a feed from a number of blogs and websites you can follow. Powered by Feedly API, Blink keeps you up to date with the world in just a click.

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12 users