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use CTRL+F5 pass cache reload iframe pages.

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transform mpg units to liter per 100km for site http://www.parkers.co.uk

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Ambition site open when u click the status bar text

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User Agent RG (FFox update) No Restart

A really generic user agent switcher. Updated versions of Firefox user-agent strings (up to 18.0).

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Developer Toolbar

Web Developer Button adds a button to open the Web Developer tools available on Firefox 16+.

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NH Pic-to-Game 2 No Restart

Added links for the Sonic and Adventure time covers

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Kommentar Sortierung für derstandard

Das beste auf derstandard.at sind die Kommentare (unter den apa-Meldungen).
Dieses Addon sortiert die Foren von derstandard.at, diestandard.at und dastandard.at nach der besten Bewertung.
Auch Kommentarbewertungsbuttons werden sinnvoller angeordnet

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(un)clrd No Restart

The internet in black and white.

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The Most Unnecessary Firefox Add-on V 1.0

The Most Unnecessary Firefox Add-On is a very tiny extension that provides a way to break out of your hard work and get rid of all the stress. Click the bottom right icon, make the cute bird cheep and finally start to smile again. Life is not work.

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Qileke Collect

One convenient tool for you to save everything when you surfing in FireFox. If you have a Qileke account and qileke collect, nothing interesting will slip away from you!

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Colorblind Design No Restart

This add-on simulates colorblindness to help web site developers in creating more accessible web sites.
Since I'm not a colorblindness expert, the simulations might not be accurate. However, it seems OK when compared with other simulators.

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Alzheimer's extension for Firefox TEST

Help raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease by donating your Facebook Timeline.

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Sevenyoln Send

Quick Access to Sevenyoln Send: Free Email, Calender, to do list and blog.

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NH Pic-to-Game Update 4 No Restart

Added game for the Borderlands 2 cover photo

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MarkDown Editor

Simple editor for MarkDown documents.

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No LDS Footnote Letters

Removes only the superscript letters of the footnotes but leaves the links in the scriptures at lds.org

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TabCollector No Restart

"Garbage collector" for tabs. Automatically closes least recently used tab when limit is reached.
Beware of default limit! It's set to 10.
I recommend setting it to 25 or so.

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Outlook Button

Add a native looking button to Firefox on the Navigation Toolbar. Left click to go to Outlook, Middle click to open Outlook in a new tab.

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Google Reader Monitor

Displays Google Reader's unread count in the status bar.

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Where To Buy Search Engine No Restart

Where-to-buy.in is India’s biggest shopping search engine. A search engine focused to provide best results for shoppers in India.

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