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  • Mit dieser Strategie können Meschen ihr Leben und Ihre gesamte Situation nachhaltig verbessern.
  • I downloaded the firefox extension and then signed in. But whenever I click on "Start a meeting" it redirects me to "zoom.us/download". I do not understand this application
  • This just plainly does not work. Even though I've logged in, the Google Calendar "make it a zoom meeting" button always results in "Your Zoom Chrome Extension session has expired. Please login again."

    To be clear, I had already logged into the extension. I am using Firefox Multi-Account Containers. I don't know if that is interfering with it or not, but it just doesn't logon. The addon just keeps on opening tabs that have me "logged on" but still it doesn't work.
    i think you should login to the firefox extension first before you clicking "make it a zoom meeting" button in google calendar.

    single click on zoom icon on top right => login on the popup panel => then you can use "make it a zoom meeting" button to schedule meeting. hope that can help you.
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