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  • I've been using Yahoo since the later 90's -- it may not be a perfect search engine but then which one is? I have a BS CS and EE and a First Class FCC Ticket so the primary thing I like about Yahoo is that it is NOT Google. Since about 98% of the world's computer users use Google this means that this is where (about) 98% of the world's hackers go. Also, Google is the world's largest and most successful information gathering and privacy violator this world has ever known. It used to be that if someone wanted to know what your home looked like they either had to go there or send someone there to see it. Now all they have to do is take a virtual drive down just about any street in the world. I know this is true because I've been able to find places I "visited" when I was in the army in SE Asia. [Pause for a moment and think about how much it cost to do this -- this will give the reader some idea of the wealth and power that Google has.] So to me -- Yahoo's most outstanding trait is that it is NOT Google -- and it is a better search engine. I think the best way to summarize the difference is that those seeking info on Google are more likely to get more pictures and videos while Yahoo is much better at providing printed info. I suppose that videos are nice but (to give an example) a nightly one hour news broadcast would only cover about 1/3rd of a newspaper's front page.) so Yahoo is where I am most easily able to find the info I'm looking for.

    I was very sorry to see that Yahoo was sold to Verizon in 2016 but I suppose its creators had accomplished what they had set out to do and were then ready to move on with their lives.
  • It used to be my favourite search engine, better than google and I liked its' front page too. However, now it becomes worse, the search results are not useful and relevant than before. While the homepage has much more info to show, it looks too crowded to me which becomes overwhelming with information.
  • 50:50...
  • For a better future.
  • excellent work!
  • I find this site easy and very informative.
  • can't make it work wtf you made a change.??
  • Yahoo is my favorite homepage.
  • merci à l'equipe
  • i like it
  • I've been on Yahoo for a long time. I love the Mail yet hate all the commercials on the website and every single nano bit of Commercial Screen. I remember Netscape, Wordstar & 123. It really sucks going from Windows 1.1 to
    95 to 98 to NT OS2, finally, a breakthrough that is the World Wide Commercial. I understand that you need money to survive, Can you try to make it more < FUNNY > or Informative?
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