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  • Doesn't translate a page and you can't see anything on the popup window to translate a word or phrase TOTAL GARBAGE!
  • It seems good and promising!
    Interestingly, you can directly write your own text and do instant translation, a feature not usually found in similar add-ons.
    However, the UI need some improvements, most important of them being:
    - make the translation window movable (drag & move)
    - make translation window sizable or auto-sizable, i.e. to automatically adapt to the content.
    - add option to show-up just the translated text and selectively hide all or some of the other elements like buttons, drop-down language lists et.c.
  • Exactly what I was looking for! Light, quick and user-friendly addon. Great job
  • خیلی بده
  • Great job! Few improvements would be useful:
    - Google Trnslator voice instead of a speech synthesizer,
    - when translator button clicked (that one in browser UI) focus could be in search input,
    - ESC key could close popup.

  • Wish it had page translation
  • nice
  • The only working fine translator after I tried few similar addons.
  • Very fast!
    Very good extension if you use the addon button. It can detect the language, and translate fast. But if you need the context menu option, it simply doesn't work. Only the icon that appears when you select a word is working, it translates, but when you try to save the translated expression, it doesn't work ("adding to your phrase book")

    I cannot put a totally bad review, since the addon button does the job perfectly, but please, add back a working "context menu", and the saving feature. It's only half working. It's a shame because it does very good translation and very very fast...

    Please add this feature: I really want the extension to show only the few languages I use often, because it's too cluttered and hard to find them each time in a long list! It could be the best translation app here on the Mozilla addon site, if you fix the problems, and add a TTS.
  • When you choose context menu option, then click save changes, it works perfect, until you restart browser, then it disappears from the context menu.
  • fast and simple
  • Amazing add-on. The pop-up works well and its got different tab for definitions and synonyms, perfect.
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