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  • I love being able to time myself so I can focus solely on work (I'm a college student), then have a nice break. I think having a variety of sounds for the end of the timer would be nice, and louder too.

  • This is awesome. Can you add auto start pomodoros? This is the only thing I need from the app.

  • great but would be better with a sound at the end of the tomato

  • Love this tool.

  • Very simple but effective. I would like to see sound added to notify me when time is up (especially for the long break) as I try to step away from my computer and so miss the desktop notification.

  • Simple and effective. Just what I want!!!

  • Thank you! Very good extension. It would be 5 stars if it has pause option.

  • It is really helpful with keeping me focused

  • I like the Tomato Clock the way it is and wouldn't change a thing. The small tomato icon showing the remaining minutes is unobtrusive and a great way to see where you are on the clock; click on it and you easily get to the full control panel. The stats page is spectacular, allowing you to see daily, weekly and monthly progress. The Tomato Clock is the perfect tool for people who follow the Pomodoro Technique. My understanding of that philosophy is that you challenge yourself to achieve certain uninterrupted sprints of focused work, and therefore each tomato to be earned is indivisible. If you can't work the 25 minutes straight, then you haven't earned the tomato and you must reset the clock and try again. The goal is that you train yourself to focus on a particular task for a set period of time, after which you can unwind for a brief period (say 5 minutes) before getting to another focused session. Once you have achieved a certain set of tomatoes, then you can take a longer break. By setting a goal of earning so many tomatoes in a day, you may find that you can get much more done in fewer hours than you had been able to do in a very long, undisciplined stretch without the system. By employing a strategic balance of work and breaks, the technique can help you become more efficient and productive without getting fatigued. A "pause" button seems antithetical to this approach because it interrupts the flow, so if you add one I would keep it hidden deep in the options page for users who really want it so that it's not so tempting to others to push.

  • Please, add sync feature!

  • Great add-on. Please add a "pause" feature.

  • Tomato Clock is great. Really helps me keep my day on track.

  • I've found this add on really helpful when it comes to tracking my time and making sure I'm getting everything i need to get done, actually done.

  • I wish to see the same that a previous user of this great extension said before, and it concerning to the pause button to have a oportunity to set a pause if we get interrupted while we are working, I can said that in my dept. it's been useful to show the bosses the invested time in productivity, for a especific task... and help concientice the effort to do so. So in order to improve your creation I wish you take this into account for next version... Thanks a lot for this .... also another detail, if the app could also make a analisis of the pause time, due to a algorithm to notifify that it's unlikely to get focus because of the pauses, it will be great to because that's also a tool to help claim for the enviroment.... Have a nice Day and the best regards for U.


  • So simple yet so useful!

  • Great wait to keep track of your time. Easy and simple to use too.

  • Basic and simple. Good!

  • good app, recomended to time control on work to project

  • The best and simpliest countdown timer i see.

    Please, add field where I can set local- or web path to the alarm sound. Thanks a lot!

  • Good and simple.

  • Great way to keep track of your day and what you're supposed to be doing, works really well if you're a busy person that often forgets the simplest of things. Thre are few area for changes to make it easier and better to use so i'm giving Tomato Clock 4*, still, overll i'd say it's a pretty good add-on.

  • Great tool

  • Great app, need to be able to customize time duration though! and maybe notification settings?

    Developer response

    Check out the latest version to customize the time duration!

  • Great addition to help you keep track of your day and when you need to do certain things! No probs so far either and it doesn't ask for a ton of information!