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  • Adorable & entertaining! I look forward to seeing which cats/kittens "visit" me each day. They always bring a smile to my face, even on my bad days. The Tabby Cat extension has never slowed down my laptop or caused any problems with my browser. This is a 100% winner!!

  • Cute ! I love them !

  • moeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Chat très mignon <3

  • Tabby cats make me smile even when I am juggling multiple tasks in multiple tabs. Love the kitties and their accessories. Some of the accessories are silly and make me laugh but as a fantasy fan I have to say unicorn kitties are awesome and little winged kitties... awesomely cute. So many wonderful kitties I look forward to seeing more.

  • The best is when there is another cat. More cats please

  • Sooo Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
    You can earn new goodies like rockets, sunglasses, campfire, pizza and much much more!
    Sometimes you even get special cats, that don't just stay there.
    5/5 Stars, my friend!

  • Great

  • Una obra de arte :3

  • Nicely cute idea.

  • It's pretty useless, but it's really fun to see a cat in every blank tab you open! I like it a lot!

  • Isn't working despite multiple closes of FF and whatnot :c installed it in Chrome and it worked fine immediately

  • <3

  • The cats are fun, cute, and relaxing. Seeing them when opening tabs during stressful classes or studying is always nice

  • A new pet in every new tab... awesome!

  • the reason i think this extension is great is because it's adorable

  • before downloading this addon i was a very depressed child with no friends, i was never happy and very lonely. All i needed to feel happier was a cat but my parents are both very allergic to cats and if they come close to one they will sneeze (thats bad, right?) But when i downloaded this addon i was finally happy again and i couldnt be more happy. Thank you :)

  • Absolutely purrrrfect!!! Tabby Cats are too adorable for me to navigate elsewhere or shut a tab. Have petted over 100 kitties now & never regretted it. Highly recommended! :D

  • OMG that's amazing ! hahaha

    Everyone love cats

  • love it

  • Cats.


  • Lovely extension!

  • So cute!

  • Love hoe cute this is!