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  • <3

    Also, could you add the HTTPS to your personal website (http://www.lesliez.com)? :)
  • 👌👌
  • I LOVE it!!!! It is fun, cute, and its so cool that you get "Goodies" to add to your cats!!
  • This is really cute. I love cats. I used to use this when I used Chrome.

    But, uh, it gets rid of all the "goodies" every time I clear my history. Which is, like, every day. Which is..... not cool.

    Please fix this.
  • I get a lot of comments on this at work, and a few others now also have cats on their new tab page. Always a fun little surprise.
  • LOOOOOVE IT .Would buy new animal if it was available in FF like it is in chrome :(
  • Love it! Never fails to bring a smile to my dial while also just looking very clean, pretty and minimalistic 🥰 Exactly what a new tab page should be. Please keep it this way and continue to update it like the Chrome version. Thanks :)
  • me encanta
  • This is probably the fastest I've ever installed a new plugin. These little guys brighten my day every time I see them!